In the middle of this world-wide quarantine, salons are closed and manicures everywhere are long overdue for a refresh. Of course, nothing compares to having your nails done professionally, but while that’s not an option, what better time to learn how to give ourselves an at-home manicure than right now? Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on the perfect quarantine manicure. 

Moisturize your cuticles

Apply a cuticle oil or cuticle cream (like this one for $10 on Amazon) to soften them up

Push the cuticles back

Use an orange stick (get a lifetime supply of 50 for $5 on Amazon) to gently move the cuticle back.

Remove any dead skin or hangnails with a cuticle trimmer

Clean up the area around the nail but don’t remove the cuticle you just pushed back completely. This can be harmful to the nail and can leave it open to infection. Use a cuticle trimmer like this one, found on Amazon for under $9

Shape your nails

Use a basic nail file to shape your nails and clean them up. A pack of 10 sells on Amazon for $7

Don’t forget the base coat

Use a good base coat (like this one on Amazon for $8) to protect the nail and fill in any ridges 

Apply nail color

My favorite brand is Essie and my favorite color is white, sold on Amazon for under $9. Whatever color and brand you use, make sure to start from the center base by the cuticle, paint downward, then fill in each side. It’s also important to leave a small gap between the paint and your cuticle rather than pushing the paint right up to the skin 

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Then, the top coat

This is the one area I will splurge for a good quality product. The top coat will ensure your manicure will stay fresh and pretty for longer, and that’s worth the extra $$ in my opinion. Seche Vive Gel Effect Top Coat is my favorite – get it on Amazon for $11

Clean up any mistakes with a Q-tip

Once the nail is semi-dry, dip a Q-tip in a bottle of nail polish remover and use it to clean up any misplaced nail polish on the skin around your nail. Get a bottle of remover on Amazon here for $2 and a pack of cotton swabs on Amazon here for $3

And Voila! 

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