As I’ve said a million times, conservatism and conservation can go hand-in-hand. As working women, we’ve got a lot on our plates, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice the environment. I pride myself on finding new ways to be “green” as a working woman who simply has to get to work, has to eat a lunch, et cetera. But being “busy” and “on the go” and “hard working” is no excuse for being a trash rat who doesn’t recycle or car about the Earth.  So, here are ten easy tips to staying “green” when you’re a working woman who is always on the go. Trust me, your conscious and the Earth will thank you in the long run.

1) Bring your own coffee cupI am super judgmental of the people in the office who drink multiple cups of coffee a day out of those flimsy little to-go cups every office has. Leave those for visiting guests, and bring your own ceramic of stainless steel mug, preferably one with a lid. Not only is it “greener” but it’ll keep your coffee warm for longer.

2) Reusable or biodegradable coffee filtersYes, even the communal coffee pot can be a little more green. If you’re using a Keurig, I highly recommend you invest in (at least for yourself if not the whole office) reusable filter pods. It’s a cheap and easy way to save a lot of plastic. If you use a regular coffee pot, consider reusable or biodegradable filters that will do just a bit more for the environment than the average filter for only a little bit of money.

3) Reusable water bottlesGotta stay hydrated, right? And a reusable water bottle, one that you can easily wash, it a must have for every office. It’ll save the recycling bin from an onslaught of plastic bottles and also give you an easy way to keep track of what belongs to you and what belongs someone else. I love my Nalgene because it’s HUGE and carries a ton of water, and it is easy to throw in the dish-washer each weekend.

4) Take public transportation or carpool

Maybe I’m a little biased here since I don’t drive, but taking public transportation is a great way to save a lot of money on car payments/insurance, get in some “you” time with a good podcast, and ultimately shrink your carbon footprint. Sure, you might be packed like sardines on the morning commute, but think of the pay-off. If public transportation isn’t an option, look into carpooling with a coworker a few days a week, especially if your schedules line up. It’s an easy way to be a little more green.

5)  Eschew plastic bags at all costsDid you know that most plastic bags, the kind you get your groceries in, can’t be recycled? They require special recycling, and that’s a lot of extra work, so why not just avoid getting these plastic bags in general? Always bring your own bags to the grocery store or farmer’s market. When it comes to packing your lunch, bring a reusable bag or lunch sack. They can be really cute and help keep your lunch cool on a hot morning commute.

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Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member