On Monday morning, conservative radio host and chicken nugget queen Alex Clark announced her new position. She is now a production team member and show host for Turning Point USA! Turning Point USA is a conservative non-profit that educates young adults on the importance of capitalism, free markets, and limited government. 

Clark announced in a Facebook post that she would be moving to Turning Point’s headquarters in Phoenix to pursue this new venture. She will be hosting her own show at the company which will release sometime this fall. In addition to these positions, she will also be traveling the country to speak at events and college campuses.

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Clark is originally from Southern Indiana and just wrapped up a position as a co host on The Joe and Alex Show on Radio NOW 100.9 in Indianapolis. She is unapologetic in her conservative beliefs and was able to make a place for herself in radio. 

Before her show on 100.9, she was a midday personality for 99.7 WDJX in Louisville, Kentucky. She was also on the short-lived Fox show Coupled, where she stood up for her pro-life views in a conversation that ended up on the show. 

We can’t wait to see the content she produces next! There’s always more room for conservative girl bosses to speak up about their experiences. 

Jillian K