Glitter is magic, I swear. Not only does it have the ability to appear in places you swear you didn’t put it, but it can brighten up anything — from your outfit to your outlook to your office. I love glitter and the trend of glitter items because it’s a fun way to glam something up and make myself smile. Plus, it’s easy to find if you lose it. 

If you can’t get enough of glitter, here are eleven items you need in your life — whether you want to save money, splurge, or do a little bit of both. 

A Classic Glitter Phone Case

You can usually find one no matter what carrier you use, what size phone you have, et cetera

Kate Spade x Keds Black Glitter Slip-Ons

Jazz up any outfit–seriously. Casual, fancy, you name it.

This Beautiful Glitter Wallet

Keep your credit card and cash hidden in style. Bonus: it doesn’t shed much. 

A Glitter Tumbler For Your Drinks On The Go

Hot, cold, lukewarm–your drink needs more glitter. 

A Glittering, Sequin Duster

Take even the most simple of outfits to another level.

Glitter Earrings For Night & Day

These glittering studs will match any outfit!

Glitter Duck Tape

Make the moving experience a bit more exciting, or just spice up craft night

Glitter Spray

For when you want to party, get fancy, or just celebrate a good day

Full Glitter Moccasins

Who said pajamas and lounge-wear had to be boring?

Glitter Eye Gel Masks

To keep self-care fun!

Glitter Boots You’ll Be Obsessed With

Probably not for everyday use, but they’ll become a cornerstone of a good night out.

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Aryssa D
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