Even though we don’t know who Pilot Pete Weber ends up with in Season 24 of the Bachelor, we are already turning our focus to Season 16 of the Bachelorette. After a season of many questions about which of Peter’s ladies would make for a good lead, we finally have our answer. 

On Good Morning America on March 2nd, it was announced that the new Bachelorette would be none other than Clare Crawley. 

Are you asking yourself which of Peter’s girls she was? Spoiler: she wasn’t on this season. 

Much like Arie, Clare is a pick from the past, and she comes with a lot for us to dive into as we wait for her season. 

Who’s Clare?

Clare Crawley is 38-years-old and when she went on the Bachelor, she worked as a hairstylist. Now, according to her Instagram bio, she is a “soil and sun loving health enthusiast” and a “stylist” at De Facto Salon in Sacramento, California. That’s where she’s from (or at least where her hometown date took place) and we know, also from that hometown, that her father passed away. She is also the youngest of six siblings. We’ll get more into her dating history in her Bachelor History section, but obviously, she’s single now. She doesn’t appear to have ever been married, but she has been engaged. Per her Instagram, she has two adorable dogs, and as of March 1st, she has 358,000 followers on Instagram. I include this only because we all know how being on this show can skyrocket your following. 

You can follow her on Instagram @ClareCrawley

What’s her Bachelor history?

Clare originally gained fame by being the runner-up on Season 18 of the Bachelor and telling the lead, Juan Pablo, off in epic fashion in 2014. They also purportedly had sex in the ocean, pre-Fantasy Suites, and Clare had some tension with fellow finalist, Nikki. Clare was 32 at the time, and at the time, it was rumored she would be the next Bachelorette. Obviously, she wasn’t, but producers from the show have said they thought she would be a good Bachelorette ever since, so it’s seemed inevitable. 

After not getting engaged to Juan Pablo (talk about dodging a bullet) and not being named the next Bachelorette (that went to Andi Dorfman), Clare went on to appear on seasons 1 and 2 of Bachelor in Paradise. In season 1, she ended up quitting on her own in week 5 after a few lackluster dates. In season 2, Clare was eliminated in week 4. 

Then, Clare appeared on The Bachelor Winter Games, which was a short series coinciding with the Olympic Games (watch her intro here). She left on the third episode, but ended up reconnecting with someone she met on the show: Benoit. He even proposed to her on the post-show special! She said yes, and they were engaged for only two months before breaking up

Now, she’s back for a FIFTH time to find love.

Where can I learn more?

It’s not like these contestants are candidates with extensive records to peruse, but we can go back and see what Clare’s done in the past by diving into her old seasons, and scrolling through her Instagram. 

You can purchase Season 18 of the Bachelor for $13.99 on Amazon Prime and binge that in preparation. Amazon Prime also has Season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise for $7.99 and Season 2 for $14.99. You can watch Bachelor Winter Games through ABC, or catch their released clips without paying a pretty penny. 

When can I watch?

The Bachelorette will premiere on May 18th . Of course, you can watch live on ABC on Monday’s night, or on Hulu whenever your service deems fit (I’m a Tuesday morning watcher). We can expect to see Clare on a ton of talk shows in the next week. Then, filming will begin around mid-March, and she’ll go radio silent. When the show premiers, she’ll be back everywhere in the spotlight. After a season of girls my own age — which is a different kind of stressful, I’m ready to watch someone older, and more experienced with the show, try to find love. Stay tuned in to FFL for all your favorite Bachelor/ette content–including a Bachelor Finale Drinking/Exercise Game, coverage of the biggest scandals that turn political, and more. 

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