What do I get my coworkers for Christmas? Is it too much, too little, or do I get them anything at all? We all have different kinds of coworkers: those who barely come out of their office, the ones we talk to all day, the grouchy ones, etc. With varying personalities at the workplace, it can be tricky to stick to a standard gift for everyone in the office. Here are a few ideas to help knock this off your “to-do” list! 

Ornaments or small decorations 

Stores like Kirkland’s and Hobby Lobby have loads of ornaments and decorations already on sale. Swing by, pick up a few trinkets, wrap them up, and done! Small items like this are always a crowd pleaser and can be bought on a budget.

Gift your favorite Christmas snack

This is a personal favorite! Most of us have a go-to Christmas baked good recipe that we have made for years and have the recipe down to a science. Whether it’s chex-mix, cookies, or fudge, everyone at the office is sure to love a festive midday snack. Find Christmas tins at your local dollar store to fill with your treat and you’re ready to gift give.

A nice note in a Christmas card

At your local Walmart or Target, they are sure to have a few boxes of festive Christmas cards still in stock. A nice, handwritten note inside a card can make someone’s day. Christmas is the time for kindness and love. Wish your coworkers a joyous Christmas no matter who they are.

A simple gift, like those mentioned above, will most likely mean so much to those in your office. Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to help everyone feel appreciated and brighten their day at work.

Makenzi C