The relationship with your in-laws can be difficult to navigate. It can also be a blessing to your life. Most of the time, your relationship with your husband’s parents will depend on how close he is with them. However, I would encourage you to build a relationship with your in-laws independent from your husband. Personally, I am extremely close with my mother-in-law. In fact, I call her almost daily, and always ask for her advice. Some people do not have this type of bond, on the other hand. So, here is some advice for navigating your relationship with your in-laws no matter the situation. 

Prioritize spending time with them

Growing up, I had a very distorted view of what spending time with your husband’s parents and family looked like. All of the women in my family made me feel as if their husband’s family was last on the list, not only at holidays but all times of the year. It truly seemed like a huge inconvenience to spend time with their in-laws, but it was not because they did not like them. It was because they would rather spend time with their family. It is reasonable that most people would rather spend time with their own parents, but you have to remember that your husband is now part of your family and you are part of his. By prioritizing time with your in-laws, you can develop the most amazing relationship with them. In fact, they can truly begin to feel like your own family. 

Listen to them

Your in-laws are older and wiser than you. They raised your husband after all. So, they must have some good knowledge to share with you. Listening to their opinions, stories, and just general conversation will mean so much to them and plant a foundation for a closer relationship.

Show patience

At the end of the day, we all get on each other’s nerves, but patience is key in these times of frustration. Whether it is making dinner plans or decisions of your children, you are likely to disagree with your in-laws at some point in your relationship. By taking a deep breath and reminding yourself that they are family, you can calm yourself down for a better response. Patience, love, and kindness will take you a long way.

Makenzi C