I recently started a part time job. Then, I got promoted in less than a month. I’ve always loved working my part time job. It was eperform well, but getting a promotion so quickly isn’t normal. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you snag that promotion you have your eye on.

Showing up on time is a must

If you aren’t five minutes early, you’re late. Show up early to your shifts and be willing to clock in early if help was needed. Showing up early is showing that you’re committed to this job and ready to work. It shows respect for the company, your boss, and other people’s time. 

Look the part

If you have a uniform, wear it appropriately. In fact, you should never have to be corrected on it. Your shirt should not smell like it’s never been washed. It shouldn’t be covered in wrinkles. Dressing appropriately shows that you’re taking this job seriously and that you care about how you present yourself, as well as your job, is important to you.

Enthusiasm is key

Showing enthusiasm for your work and in everything you do is important. Don’t come in with a bad mood and sour the atmosphere for your co-workers and others. Be able to leave your personal life at the door and focus on work. It is okay to have a bad day, but don’t force those days on other people. This is what sets apart the average workers from the hard workers.

Be a leader

Take initiative when no one else is. Step in if you see there is a lack of direction. It is okay to say “hey, let’s try it this way” and suggest it with humility. Being a leader is so much more than being a loud voice; it’s about being rational, being kind, and being a team player.

Do what you’re told in a timely manner

If your boss tells you to do something, don’t wait for an unnecessary amount of time. Get it done as soon as possible. Show your boss that they can count on you to complete your tasks.

Team work makes the dream work.

Being able to get along with your co-workers is a must. Yes, we all have those co-workers that drive you absolutely bonkers, but being able to put a smile on and exude patience is the best thing you can do for your work environment. If you are having problems with a co-worker, address it with the co-worker first. If that doesn’t go well, then take it to management or your boss. Do not do this out of anger. Always handle any situation maturely. 

Take constructive criticism

When someone gives you construction criticism, accept it and build on it. Don’t take it personally. If your bosses didn’t care about you, they wouldn’t correct you, they’d just fire you. 

Have patience

Being able to show that you can manage customer service and overall decorum takes patience and that is extremely important in the workplace. People don’t want to have impatient people who are rolling their eyes and causing a scene when things get stressful. Keep a smile on your face and a positive attitude. 

Situation management

Fire alarm? No problem. Angry customer? I got this. Disrespect coworker? Handled. Being able to handle a crisis management, whether it be an emergency or just situational involving others, your reaction to these times show who you are as an employee and how valuable you are during these times.

Be proud of your work, no matter what it is.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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