Did you know that the number of women running for office in Texas doubled this year compared to the 2018 midterms? Historic. The news even got a shout out from Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The filing deadline in Texas recently passed so and 26 Republican women filed to run for United States Congress from the great state of Texas. Who are these 26 women? Let’s break it down!

Cindy Siegel – (TX-07)

Cindy Siegel is a graduate from Kansas State University with a degree in Education and Business, while also having earned an MBA in Accounting and Finance from the University of Houston. After college, she joined the national CPA firm, Arthur Anderson and has been a CPA for over 30 years. Later in her career, Siegel ran for Bellaire City Council where she served six years and was eventually elected as Bellaire’s Mayor where she served for four terms. Siegel is currently President of the Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican Women’s Clubs and also sits on the board for the Texas Federated Republican Women. Siegal is for legal immigration and border security, free-market healthcare, pro-life, for the 2nd Amendment, and government accountability. Learn more about Siegal by visiting her campaign website here.

Maria Espinoza – (TX-07)

Maria Espinoza is the Co-founder and National Director of Remembrance Project. She gained national recognition when President Trump embraced and recognized her organization. Espinoza represented Texas as an Alternate Delegate at the Republican National Convention in 2016. In 2017, she joined President Trump and General John Kelly in signing the Executive Orders on border security. Espinoza is for lower healthcare costs, legal immigration and border security, law and public safety, and foreign policy that puts american first. Learn more about Espinoza by visiting her campaign website here.

Melissa Esparza-Mathis – (TX-08)

Melissa Esparza-Mathis served in the U.S. Army, she even was an Arabic linguist. While in the military, Melissa served 3 combat tours: 2 in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan. She was awarded a Bronze Star and a Combat Action Badge. Esparza-Mathis is for the Second Amendment, pro-life, border security, affordable healthcare, and The Homeless Veterans Initiative Bill. Learn more about Esparza-Mathis by visiting her campaign website here.

Kay Granger – (TX-12)

Kay Granger was formerly a teacher and a businesswoman before becoming the first female mayor in Fort Worth in 1991. She has served in Texas’ 12th congressional district since winning in 1997. After being elected in 1997, she became the first Republican woman to represent Texas in the U.S. House. Granger previously sat as the Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference and now sits as a Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Committee. Granger is for affordable healthcare, national security, legal immiagration and border security, and protecting and securing social security. Learn more about Granger by visiting her campaign website here.

Jamie Culley – (TX-13)

Jamie Culley is currently a business development consultant where she helps any size of business compete for Federal, State and local opportunities. Culley is a strong supporter of our military, her husband has served and one of her children is on active duty in the US Navy. Culley is for legal immiagration and border security, pro 2nd Amendment, pro-life, free speech, goverment accountability, and a strong supporter of our military, first-responders, politic and fire fighters. Learn more about Culley by visiting her campaign website here.

Diane Knowlton – (TX-13)

Diane Knowlton is a graduate from the University of Texas, earning two degrees: Bachelor of Arts and Master of Public Accounting. She also received her J.D. from George Washington University where she focused on constitutional law, corporate law, and intellectual property. Knowlton currently is a Clay County attorney where she “Represents businesses such as oil & gas companies, ranches, retail stores, professional firms, and technology companies.” Knowlton is for free speech, pro 2nd Amendment, saving taxpayer money, fighting against Socialist policies and uniting with other Americans. Learn more about Knowlton by visiting her campaign website here.

Elaine Hays – (TX-13)

Elanie Hays is a private wealth manager from Hays and Hays Financial Services where she works to help people to identify, communicate and achieve their financial goals. Hays serves as a board member for CareNet Pregnancy Center and Mission 2540. Elaine has also co-authored two financial books, When God We Trust and Avoiding the Top Ten Money Mistakes. Hays is pro-life, pro 2nd Amendment, securing the border, term limits, and limited government. Learn more about Hays by visiting her campaign website here.

Asusena Resendiz – (TX-13)

Asusena Resendiz is a first-generation born American citizen to parents who immigrated from Mexico. She believes in fighting for the American dream because “she embodies it.” She is for free-market economy, the agriculture industry, pro-life, pro 2nd Amendment and small businesses. Learn more about Resendiz by visiting her campaign website here.

Monique Worthy – (TX-13)

Monique Worthy was not always a Republican. While in jail, she credits Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Robert Pratt of Pratt on Texas for shaping her in the conservative Republican that she is today. Worthy does not subscribe to identity politics, “My conservative philosophy is unwavering and unaffected by my personal life and or attributes. I’ve been called a walking contradiction. That yes, one could be black, LGBT, poor, and a convicted felon and be a Republican is virtually unheard of in most circles.” Worthy is for school choice, legal immigration, strong military, and defending our constitution. Learn more about Worthy by visiting her campaign website here.

Monica De La Cruz Hernandez – (TX-15)

Monica De La Cruz Hernandez planted her roots in Rio Grande Valley, where she opened her own insurance agency. She became the first new female agent in the Rio Grande Valley to earn the prestigious President’s Club award. Monica is pro 2nd Amendment, family values, pro-life, immigration and border security, and supporting small businesses. Learn more about Hernandez by visiting her campaign website here.

Irene Armendariz-Jackson – (TX-16)

Irene Armendariz-Jackson is a first generation American, as her parents went through the legal process of immiagration to give her a greater opportunity of the American Dream. She has previously held different political positions: “Constituency Leader, helped in communications and strategic planning, and was a Domestic Policy Advisor to the Republican Candidate for District 16 during the 2018 election.” Irene is Pro-Life, for prosperity and jobs, and for security. Learn more about Armendariz-Jackson by visiting her campaign website here.

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Renee Swann – (TX-17)

Renee Swann is a healthcare executive and has her own small-business, Brazos Eye Surgery of Texas, with her husband. She has been operating the business side of the business while her husband has been the Medical Director and Senior Ophthalmologist. She believes President Trump needs someone by his side “who is an outsider and businessperson, not a career politician.” Swann is pro 2nd Amendment, believes in protecting the Constitution, legal immigration and border security. Learn more about Swann by visiting her campaign website here.

Kristen Alamo Rowin – (TX-17)

Kirsten Alamo Rowin is a first generation American on her father’s side, where he immigrated legally from Peru to Texas. Kristen received her real estate certificate two weeks before graduating high school. At the age of 25 she received her real estate broker’s license and founded Alamo Real Estate in Waco, TX. Kristen is pro 2nd amendment, legal immigration and border security, free market healthcare, medicinal cannabis, school choice, and pro-life.Learn more about Rowin by visiting her campaign website here.

Elianor Vessali – (TX-17)

Elianor Vessali joined the Corps of Cadets where she was the first woman in the male-only company P-2. She served on the Construction Board of Adjustments and the Planning and Zoning Commission in College Station where she fought for efficient and limited government. Elianor has also served on the Leadership Committee of the Republican Party of Brazos County and the Executive Committee as Precinct Chair. Vessali is for securing the border, keeping taxes low, reforming broken healthcare, defending the Constitution, pro 2nd Amendment and protecting unborn life. Learn more about Vessali by visiting her campaign website here.

Ava Reynero Pate – (TX-18)

Ave Reynero Pate is a third generation Hispanic as her great grandparents migrated into the United States from Mexico. Pate is for “bringing back loyalty to America, protecting our Constitution and most importantly defending all life.” Learn more about Pate by visiting her campaign website here.

Nellie “Truly” Heiskell – (TX-18)

Truly Heiskell is for defunding Planned Parenthood, as she had a personal experience with adoption. Heiskell is also for legal immigration and securing our southern border. Learn more about Heiskell by visiting her campaign website here.

Anita Kegley – (TX-20)

Anita Kegley founded KEGLEY, Inc. in 1983 where she is the founder, president, CEO and General Contractor. Kegley is for the right to bear arms, religious freedoms, fighting for educational freedoms, working to grow private-sector jobs, supporting our military and supporting Israel. Learn more about Kegley by visiting her campaign website here.

Kathaleen Wall – (TX-22)

Kathaleen Wall currently provides financial backing and her business knowledge to small high-tech startups, where she helps develop innovative technologies to bring them to the market. She served as a delegate and alternate to both the Texas and National Republican Conventions. She has also been involved within the National and Texas Federations of Republican Women. Wall is also currently the State Republican Executive Committee SD 17 Committeewoman. Kathaleen Wall is for protecting our borders, putting an end to illegal immigration, and pro-life. Learn more about Wall by visiting her campaign website here.

Diana Miller – (TX-22)

Diana Miller has previously ran for City of Sugar Land Mayoral and City Council positions. Miller states on her campaign website that “While I was unsuccessful in attaining the elected positions, my candidacy forced political change, stopped frivolous tax increases, stopped Developer control of City policy and stopped the uncontrolled urbanization of the City of Sugar Land.” Miller is for protecting social security, protecting healthcare, pro 2nd Amendment, pro border enforcement and pro-life. Learn more about Miller by visiting her campaign website here.

Alma Arredondo-Lynch – (TX-23)

Alama Arredondo-Lynch is a proud 5th fifth generation American-Mexican. She currently is a dentist and a rancher. Dr. Lynch served our US Navy as a dentist in the PAC NORWEST Naval Base BDC. She also treated men and women on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln and the U.S.S Carl Vincent. Now, Dr. Lynch has her own private dental practice and also works on her ranch, plowing her own fields and manages the wildlife. Arredondo-Lynch is for building the wall, legal immigration, supporting gun rights, supporting President Trump, preserving the Constitution, free-market healthcare and defending property rights. Learn more about Arredondo-Lynch by visiting her campaign website here.

Alia Garcia-Ureste – (TX-23)

Alia Garcia-Ureste currently works as a managing member of Gateway Salvage & Recycling, LLC, alongside her husband. She was appointed as the advisory council cabinet member for both former Governor Rick Perry and current Governor Greg Abbott from 2014 to 2019. Garcia-Ureste is for improving our educational system, maintaining freedom of healthcare coverage choice and independent American energy expediency. Learn more about Garcia-Ureste by visiting her campaign website here.

Sharon Thomas – (TX-23)

Sharon Thomas served as a civilian attorney for the United States Air Force Judge Advocate General Department for 15 years. Thomas currently serves as the Managing Attorney at the Community Justice Foundation where she provides pro-bono services to those in need. In 2013, Governor Rick Perry appointed Sharon to lead the Civil Rights Division of the Texas Workforce Division on the Texas Commission on Human Rights (TCHR). In 2017, Governor Grey Abbott appointed Thomas to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). Learn more about Thomas by visiting her campaign website here.

Beth Van Duyne – (TX-24)

Beth Van Duyne became the first female Mayor of Irving, Texas from 2011-2017. In May 2017, President Donald Trump appointed Van Duyne as the regional administrator for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development where she’d oversee Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana and Arkansas. Learn more about Van Duyne by visiting her campaign website here.

Sunny Chaparala – (TX-24)

Sunny Chaparala’s family immigrated from India to America in 2001, where she lived the American dream. She started her own business, DFW Realties, in 2007. Chaparala states that she is pro-life, pro-second amendment and pro-Trump, “She wants to provide President Trump the reinforcements he needs to secure our border and put America First.” Chaparala is pro-life, pro-second Amendment, pro-Trump and wants to secure our border and put America first. Learn more about Chaparala by visiting her campaign website here.

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Sandra Whitten – (TX-28)

Sandra Whitten is originally from the Commonwealth of Virginia, but moved to Texas in 2009. She is an active member in her church and even serves her law enforcement community through support groups and outreach to help other families transition into the district 28. Sandra Whitten believes that Local and National security is a top priority, “Strengthening the Law Enforcement  and First Responders locally and federally to allow a better relationship with our people is vital; not only to curb violent crimes, but also to protect the sanctity of life and the ability to enjoy all our district has to offer without the fear of malice intent lurking near our parks, businesses, and homes.” Learn more about Whitten by visiting her campaign website here.

Jaimy Blanco – (TX-29)

Jaimy Blanco travels internationally to speak at orphanages and churches, filling her dream and desire of becoming a missionary. Blanco states that “District 29 is 77 % Hispanic and her mission is to be a voice for the people and represent them. She desires to be an example to her community and inspire them to find their purpose and dream.” Blanco is a first generation American on her mother’s side of the family. Learn more about Blanco by visiting her campaign website here.

Genevieve Collins – (TX-32)

Genevieve Collins was recently named one of 2018’s local 20 Under 40 for her work helping turn around low-performing school districts. She is public education advocate and has even proposed landmark education reforms to Vice President Pence. Collins is for financial freedom and economic opportunity, quality, accessible and sustainable healthcare, supporting Israel, legal immigration, securing our borders, supporting our 2nd Amendment and protecting the unborn. Learn more about Collins by visiting her campaign website here.

If you made it through the list, here are a few more women to note. In the spirit of fairness, these women have been included even though recent campaign news and/or candidate withdraw announcements could not be located. These women are Catherine Carr (TX-13).

Caroline O