Election season 2020 is getting into full swing, and we’re excited that there has been a surge in Republican women running for public office. Here at FFL, we like to celebrate the conservative women running for office and give our readers and their potential voters a look at what they stand for. 

The filing date for the congressional and senate races for 2020 in Illinois recently passed, and there’s one woman running for the Senate and several running for the House of Representatives. Illinois will host Congressional primaries on March 17, 2020 and the general election on November 3, 2020. 

Here’s what you need to know about these nine women.

Peggy Hubbard (Senate)

Hubbard, a Navy veteran and former police officer, is running to replace longtime Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin.  On the issues, she supports the second amendment, wants to guard against cyber threats, is dedicated to supporting veterans, and wants to fight illegal immigration while supporting legal immigrants. She’s also very pro-life because when she began pregnant out of marriage, she almost had an abortion at Planned Parenthood but then heard her daughter’s heartbeat. She talks vocally about having to fight off the clinicians who wanted her to have the procedure. Not only is Hubbard making waves for standing up to Durbin, she’s the first black Republican woman to run for the office in her state. She’s the mother of six children and eighteen grandchildren, and married to a police officer who was shot in the line of duty in 2016. 

Philanise White (IL-1)

White is running to replace Democrat Representative Bobby Rush. She currently serves as a committeewoman for Chicago’s 7th ward and wants to STC: save the Constitution. White wants to strengthen employee-employer relations, provide more funding for mental health, end the influx of illegal immigrants, and decrease dependency on government. She was a liaison for the Ben Carson 2016 campaign and worked in the medical field before entering politics. 

Theresa Raborn (IL-2)

Raborn is running to replace Democrat Robin Kelly. She wants to “stop the political insanity.” On the issues, she supports the legalization of marijuana, wants to reform the FDA, supports pathways to legal citizenship, and supports veterans. She’s also interested in being a more transparent representative. She has vowed to donate part of her salary, join the “Couch caucus” in DC, and is committed to only serving a maximum of 10 years.  Raborn is a mother of three, all of whom she home schools. She has a criminal justice background as well as working in the insurance industry. 

Jeanne Ives (IL-6)

Ives is running to replace Democratic Rep. Sean Casten. She previously served in the state’s House of Representatives. She’s also a graduate of West Point and served in the US Army. On the issues, she wants to protect her principles of personal responsibility, effective government, and applying the law equally to all citizens. She’s outlined an extensive healthcare plan on her website which includes “common sense reforms” to increase consumer choice. She’s a mother of five, a cross county coach, and has lived in the area she’s running to represent for 27 years. 

Valerie Muhkherjee (IL-10)

Muhkherjee is running to replace Rep. Brad Schneider. She’s of Hispanic descent (and Slovenian), a first generation college student, and a graduate of UC Berkeley, Columbia University, and Wharton. She’s also a mother of two. She worked in finance and technology and the political world. In fact, she launched her own private investment office before she was 40. Her website does not have a dedicated issues section yet. So far, she has talked about personal responsibility, the importance of education, and economic growth. 

Sue Rezin (IL-14)

Rezin is a sitting state senator looking to replace Democratic Rep. Lauren Underwood. Her work so far in public office has included establishing increased internship and educational-career partnerships for her area and establishing a Youth Advisory Council. She’s a graduate of Harvard’s program on state representation and ran her family’s real estate company for over two decades. She’s a mother of four and her biggest issue, according to her website, is “putting the fiscal house in order.” She’s interested in budgetary issues, pension reform, and economic development. 

Catalina Lauf (IL-14)

Lauf is running to replace first term Representative Lauren Underwood. She’s young, the descendent of legal Guatemalan immigrants, and on the issues, she seems committed to American prosperity and national defense. She was appointed by President Trump to be an advisor at the Department of Commerce. She has also helped run her family’s small business. Her campaign website doesn’t have a full-fledged “on the issues” section as of the writing of this article, but she talks in her informational bio about her dedication to the American dream and her concerns about the rise of young socialist progressives. 

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Mary Miller (IL-15)

Miller is running to replace Republican John Shimkus, who is retiring. Miller wants to bring “Midwest values” to Congress and is the mother of seven and a grandmother of sixteen. On the issues, she says she is pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment. She opposes tax increases, supports term limits, and wants to defund Planned Parenthood. She previously worked in healthcare administration and now runs her family’s farm. She’s also a teacher. She opposes sanctuary cities, supports building a wall, and says she will fight against making America a socialist country. 

Esther Joy King (IL-17)

King, who is in her early thirties, is running against Democrat incumbent Cheri Bustos. She bills herself as a lifelong public servant who did aid work in Afghanistan. King served in the US Army Reserves and wants a fresh perspective in Congress. She has a JD and a Masters of Law in Taxation. According to her website, her priorities are promoting farmers in the face of trade wars, fighting for market-based healthcare, and promoting legal immigration. She’s also pro-life and pro-second amendment. 

Aryssa D
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