Whether you’re trying to figure out a clothes solution in a room with no true closet, keep a walk-in the size of a bathroom organized, or just make the most out of your closet situation, we all have a desire to maximize the space in our closets, keep our clothes looking good even after being on the rack for a few weeks, and to keep our space overall looking put together. That means no crammed drawers that can’t clothes, so closets so packed the doors pop open, and no shoes thrown about everywhere. 

But, you don’t have to break the bank to find a solution to your closet problem. No matter what problem you’re having, i hope there’s a solution for you on this list that fits your budget and helps you make your space a place you enjoy being and that treats your clothes the way they deserve to be treated. 

SAVE: UDEAR Garment Rack $40

One of the simplest solutions I’ve ever seen to closet mayhem is transitioning to a simple garment rack. Yes, it seems easy, doesn’t it? But having a garment rack can help you see what clothes you have much easier and inspire you to curate your wardrobe to reflect who you really are. Plus, it makes planning your next outfit simple. 

SAVE: Simple Housewares Drawer Organizers $15

If it’s your drawers that are the cause of all your problems, make it simple and organize them using these drawer dividers that will make it a million times easier to pick our you undergarments in the mornings. You can also get similar organizers for shirts and other garments. 

SPEND: Rubbermaid Closet Kit $110

If you’ve got a closet you’re already working with but want to take it to a new level, consider one of these customizable kits that offer hanging options, might inspire you to showcase your favorite shoes, and won’t break the bank. 

SPEND: Kahl 36 Pair Shoe Rack $192

Some people–not naming any names–have a reasonable amount of clothes, and a pair of shoes for every single outfit combination. This organizer holds 36 pairs of shoes, but you can probably squeeze a few more in there if it’s sandals mostly. 

SPLURGE: IKEA Pax Wardrobe $977

Need a complete closet overall or a new closet-esque wardrobe in general? Ikea has got you covered with this expensive but all-encompassing wardrobe that features a place for hanging clothes, drawers, and more. 

SPLURGE: Acme Furniture Alexis Wardrobe $426

If you want a sleek, modern solution to your closet problem (or the lack of a closet, as is more often the case these days), consider this wardrobe that will help you store your clothes, hang them, and will fit in with your decor seamlessly. 

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Aryssa D
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