Dating is very often on the minds of young conservative women. After all, we have a lot to offer! Dating in today’s day and age, though, has become so corrupted and makes it difficult to find a nice guy or even one that’s as ambitious as us. We are often presented with some nice guys, but who do not share our conservative values. Here are the do’s and don’ts of dating a non-conservative man because we all know we’ve been there.

Do learn about his interests.

Maybe he’s a personal trainer at a local gym and likes electronic dance music. Be open to learning! Get to know his friends and what they have to say about him. 

Do notice how he treats other people.

Does he hold doors and does he address his elders as ma’am/sir? How he treats others is how he will treat you.

Do invite him to conservative events and conferences.

Enough said. If you can’t impress him with your ability to take selfies with a dozen congressman in one afternoon, then I don’t know what can! 

D0 have fun.

Just because somebody isn’t the exact same as you, doesn’t mean you can’t go to a hopping happy hour and discuss foreign policy (and win the argument politely, of course). 

Do enhance your opportunities by opening your eyes.

At first glance, someone may not be for you, but give the guy in the corner a shot. Maybe he is secretly related to Rand Paul.

Don’t pretend or be blinded by the good times.

You may really, truly relate over a common hobby, like working out together or listening to the same music, but don’t forget about the other categories (and respect!) that are essential to who you are. 

Don’t stay silent just to be nice.

Don’t reject having the tough conversations about politics and religion (or else how real really is it?). You’re a hard-working, educated, conservative woman and you want to make sure he will support your high aspirations for public office.

Don’t worry; there’s another Capitol Hill cutie out there if this fails.

But seriously. Do you know how many nice young gentlemen in DC are looking for strong, beautiful, conservative women? 

Don’t be spiteful, but definitely go out and show him what you’re made of.

If needed, check out my break-up playlist here.

Don’t settle.

I hope this list helps you in discerning a new relationship. What an exciting time for us young women to learn about ourselves, about others, and even find a future husband in the mix. As 21st century future female leaders, our conservative values are so important to us, but even more so when adding men into the scene. It may be raining men, but you can stand under my umbrella of standards. Embrace your standards, be open-minded enough to give chances, but never forget what you are worth it. 

Kelly H