Breakups are not easy. We all deal with them in our ways, but we can all agree that they’re awful. Listening to inspiring music can empower us and remind us we are not alone. We don’t have to be spiteful, but we do have to stand up for ourselves and remember our standards. Here are ten inspiring breakup songs that will get you feeling again like the awesome woman you are. 

Miss Movin’ On / Fifth Harmony 

“I’m no longer afraid, its independence day.” It’s always “Independence Day” for us FFL girls, but now its doubled. Never be that girl again. You are moving on- to freedom!

Mean / Taylor Swift 

“Someday I’ll be living in a big ole city.” When you’re the next congresswoman or star of CPAC, he’ll still be mean. At least, this is what I take from the song. Keep on sparkling.

Leavin’ / Jesse McCartney

Honestly, who did not love Jesse McCartney? Bring out your inner youngster and reminisce on a favorite childhood song about a time before you knew your now insignificant other. The 2000s knew what was up.

Missin’ You / The Summer Set

My favorite teen angst band tells it how it is- “I don’t want you and I don’t need you.” This upbeat bop will definitely do a number on any down spirit.

Mr. Know it All / Kelly Clarkson

“Mr. Bring Me Down, well you like to bring me down.” I love Kelly Clarkson, not only because we share a name, but because she is honest. Let your breakup scream, “you don’t know a thing at all.” You’re sassy and bold and he doesn’t even know how awesome you are. Stop your games, man. We want conservatism and virtue.  

Que Sera / Justice Crew

This Australian band was huge for me. This song encourages us to find comfort in music and rejoice with your supportive, amazing friends. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, but always choose to see the good. 

Look What You Made Me Do / Taylor Swift 

This one is self-explanatory. Look what you made me do, write an FFL article about you. While not being too spiteful, it is definitely a good idea to adopt a takeover-the-world attitude. You go, girl. 

Singles You Up / Jordan Davis

For all of us country fans out there, let’s not forget about the absolute best hit song of 2017 (in my opinion) – an upbeat, truthful, build-up anthem. “If he ever singles you up, if he’s ever stupid enough…” His loss. 

Breaking Up / Charli XCX

“Everything was wrong with you, so breaking up with you was easy to do.” That’s why they’re exes. So-long, farewell.  

Without You / Avicii

This is the classic, all-around, objectively-best song in the entire world. What would this list be without the icon of EDM? I exclusively listen to country and electronic dance music for this reason. This face-melting beat will undoubtedly get you up and running for the future and your big city dreams- without (insert name here).

Whether you’re kind of upset, feeling free, or just looking ahead to better times, these songs can all rejoice in you an energy of perseverance. The world makes it tough for us to have high standards because there seems to be a lack of potential suitors, making breakups even more challenging. Let this list of songs be a reminder that the greater the challenge, the greater the reward- reward yourself with self-love, empowerment, and inspiration for a future with a cuter, conservative man. 

Kelly H