With the rise of the side-hustle, the onslaught of work from home opportunities, and COVID-19 forcing even more people to adopt to that lifestyle, I was so pleased to see that one of my favorite time management gurus, Laura Vanderkam, was putting out a new daily podcast dedicated to working from home: The New Corner Office

We previously reviewed Vanderkam’s other daily podcast, Before Breakfast, here

If you’re not familiar with Vanderkam, she’s the author of numerous time management books, a podcaster and blogger, and a mother of four. She’s been working from home for years, and she’s someone who I’ve learned from extensively despite not working from home or being a mother and wife, so I hope you’ll be able to learn from her too. Now that so many people are experiencing working from home, this podcast is one you absolutely need, whether you’re an old pro at it or diving into these waters for the first time. 

New episodes of The New Corner Office are uploaded each weekday and all come in at around 5 minutes, making it the perfect podcast to listen to while you get ready, shower, brush your teeth, or do your makeup. Trust me: you can fit this into your day. Part of why I love Vanderkam’s short little podcast episodes is that they are digestible, focused, and often action-oriented. I can walk away with a new goal, idea, or plan! 

The New Corner Office launched on April 1st and is available wherever you get your podcasts. Episodes so far focus on creating social time during online meetings (Thanks, Zoom!), using screen time strategically, curating the view outside your window, and limiting your to do list. As a long-time listener and reader of Vanderkam (I’ve literally read all of her books! And I’ve listened to Before Breakfast since it launched) I can promise you that you’ll get something out of this podcast. Regardless of your status in your company, your marital status, the number of kids running around, or even the field you’re in, you’ll learn about ways to better manage your time and be more productive in this podcast. 

Vanderkam’s time management strategies are designed not only to make you a more successful and productive worker but also to give you your time back, to create chances for you to find your hobbies, find more time to read, and find your flow, and I can’t wait to see what more I can learn from The New Corner Office, even when I head back to my true work environment. 

Aryssa D

FFL Cabinet Member

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