Many people would say that this is a big “no no, but it happens. In fact, I work in the same place as my husband. Personally, it has been a wonderful experience, but I have also learned the pros and cons of working with your spouse! Here they are. 


You can commute together

By driving to work together everyday, my husband and I are able to have only one car and save gas. This has been great to minimize expenses that can really add up. It also gives us extra time together before beginning our work day. We enjoy that extra time to talk about what our day will entail for each of us, sync our schedules, and make sure we are one the same page before the day begins.

You have the same schedule

Having the same schedule can be amazing! Not only do we get off of work at the same time every day, but we have the same holidays. This makes traveling a lot easier.

You understand each other’s work environment

By working in the same atmosphere, we understand what the other is dealing with everyday. If I have a bad day, my husband can truly understand what I am going through and empathize with me. We can decompress from work with each other, understand the other’s feelings, and not get frustrated. 

You have priceless time together

I cannot imagine not working with my husband. By working together, we can time together that most do not. Driving to work together, having lunch, seeing my husband in passing are moments that I would never give up even for all the money in the world. If you are hesitant to work with your husband, I would encourage you to do it. It is a truly unique time in your life that you will not always have. Take the opportunity and savor it. 


You spend too much time together

On the other hand, sometimes you find that you are together too much. I could hang out with my husband all day long, but he is not the same way. To combat this, we try to not visit each other in our offices to give the other “me” time. 

There might be jealousy

Personally, this is a big one for me. I often see women flirt with my husband, and it sparks jealousy inside of me and vice versa. Even though I completely trust my husband, it is difficult to watch women do that. Professional courtesies need to be extended but distance kept.

You might be excluded from the other’s after work activities

Although my husband’s boss is very kind and often includes me, sometimes I will be excluded from dinner or drinks after work. If you are like me, you have major FOMO. I always want to go hang out with coworkers and have a good time, but I have to respect the invitations that happen within the workplace even if it is hard.  

You may receive comments from co-workers

Co-workers often make comments towards me and my husband. They are not even rude things that are said, but just unnecessary and annoying. When things are said, we just smile, say hello, and hold our tongues. 

Makenzi C