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The Bachelor is back, and Pilot Pete is ready to take off on his journey to find love. Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the cheesiness. Our Monday nights belong to Chris Harrison now, and I’m excited to watch Pilot Pete fall in love and have insane chemistry with this group of randomly assembled women. Bachelor Premiere night is basically a holiday for me. And I celebrate accordingly—with a bottle of wine. Not everyone drinks though, which is cool, and it is a work night, so if you’re looking to partake in our game without a drink, try doing the workout component for each challenge. 

Who will get the first impression rose? Who will be the first to go in for a kiss? Is Hannah B going to show up? Is someone going to get out of the limo dressed as a windmill? Will this be, *Chris Harrison voice*, the most dramatic season of the Bachelor EVER? 

Let’s play along and see. 

These challenges are designed to be fun and make fun of the show while still enjoying it, but as always, be responsible with your drinking AND your exercising. 

Waterfall/chug your drink or do crunches: During every kiss or kissing montage

Bonus points if you spill some on your shirt while Peter is macking on lady after lady.

Take a shot OR do 25 squats: When Peter gives out the first impression rose

Maybe make it a double if it’s the girl you picked?

Take a drink OR do 25 jumping jacks: If someone cries

Come on, you know someone’s going to cry. 

Take a drink OR plank for 60 seconds: If someone’s entrance references Peter being a pilot

He’s Pilot Pete for crying out loud…how could someone NOT bring it up?

Take a drink OR wall-sit for 60 seconds: If someone’s entrance references a windmill


Finish your drink OR do 10 burpees: Whenever we get a Bachelor Nation on-screen Cameo (Demi, Mike, Hannah, Ben H, whomever)

I can definitely see Pilot Pete getting a pep talk from Ben H or Nick Viall. Or a surprise Demi appearance to suss out some bad girls?

Take a drink OR do 5 push ups: Whenever they show proposal footage

You know they always do it, so get your arms ready. 

Take a shot OR do a 45-second V Sit: If Chris Harrison calls something the “most dramatic” 

Bonus points if he stresses it or dubs it over a video of someone crying. 

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member