New year, new babies taking their first breath in this world. It is such a magical time as your friends, family, or maybe even yourself, are pregnant. Showering the mother and the baby with gifts to ease the transition from no child to having a child or from one child to more. If the mother is a Republican, I have good news. The internet is filled with the cutest elephant and Republican themed baby items so you can deck out the future Republican in all things elephants. 

A “Wee-publican” onesie

These onesies are available everywhere from Amazon to Etsy.  

An Elephant Pacifier

I found this on accident. My friend had some pacifiers on her registry and it was on the “suggested” section. It is beyond cute and it’s a soothing pacifier that is BPA free. 

An Elephant Nursery Decoration

Every child needs a sweet decoration in the nursery. It can be an art print, a night light, a mobile, etc. 

World Wildlife Fund: Adopt An Elephant Calf

This is a way to give a gift while giving back. Based on how much you want to spend, you can do a $50 or $100 gift. It comes with a plush elephant toy, adoption certificate, and more.

Charlotte Pence’s Marlon Bundo Books

These books are so cute. Make it even more adorable by writing a note inside the cover as to your hopes and dreams for the child or how loved they are. 

An Elephant Plush Thumbie

This is the perfect little gift for any baby. This is an elephant plush toy with an easy grip for a baby to hold with a small blanket attached.

A Plush Elephant Play Mat

Totally adorable and totally comfortable.  

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