Foodies unite. It’s almost Thanksgiving and I am going to make sure that you have the best turkey day possible. Consider this a list of things to get, have, or ask people to bring. 

The turkey

It all starts with turkey. I know, it seems obvious but you need to master the turkey. Become one with the carnivore you know and love. Make sure it is prepared and cooked long enough or that you have a plan what to do with the turkey. 

Make it a potluck

Speaking of food, if it is too much of a burden for you to prepare everything, ask people to bring things. Don’t leave it up to them either, ask what everyone is bringing so there isn’t as much overlap with the choices and that the buffet you create is huge. 

Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.

Ask them to bring something specific if you know that it will be wanted or needed. Anyone who can should be contributing.

The food is important but so is the atmosphere. Having the perfect aesthetic and experience is key. 


Decorating doesn’t need to be hard or expensive. Personally, I love thanksgiving with Christmas decorations. However, the dollar section at Target, the aisles of Walmart, the pages on Amazon, and the shelves at dollar stores have super cute plates or table decorations. It’s also as easy as going outside and bringing in some leaves, but it brings a pop of color and a weird sense of comfort. 

Get moving

Before and after you eat, have everyone get outside and get moving. Play football, flashlight tag with the kids, manhunt, bocce ball, basketball, or even sidewalk chalk. 

Having awesome crafts for kids is always a good idea, especially something food related or a tablecloth that is meant for coloring. 

Here is a must have list for Thanksgiving or friendsgiving:

      • Good drinks

      • Tons of napkins, plates, utensils and cups

      • Great friends

      • Insightful conversation

      • Lots of sides like mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, stuffing, green beans with garlic, gravy, and warm rolls

      • Desserts, lots of desserts

      • Football on the television is a must

      • Make sure you have enough ice

      • Don’t stress.

Thanksgiving is something that is supposed to be fun and a time to bond with family, friends, and neighbors. Stuff your face, have a glass of wine, eat a lot of turkey, take a nap, and watch your favorite teams play ball.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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