I don’t know about you, but I have enough red, white, and blue to last the entire year. Sadly, the Fourth of July only comes around once a year and that means I will be planning my outfit(s) for the day well in advance. No judgment for people like myself who will switch outfits throughout the day! Maybe you’ll be spending the fourth at the beach or maybe just out back by the grill. Nevertheless, FFL has you covered. Below are several of my favorite Fourth of July looks for every activity imaginable.

Outfit #1:

This maxi dress looks put together but is stretchy enough to ensure that you’re comfy on the fourth. It’s also Amazon prime eligible and less than 25 dollars! Add an FFL American Flag scarf to give this dress the perfect patriotic touch. Throw on some comfy neutral sandals and you’re set. Tie up the front of the dress for a fun and relaxed look.

Outfit #2:

If you have plans for a nice evening, this navy dress will be perfect! Pair this dress with FFL American Flag earrings and red Tory Burch Millers for an especially patriotic look.

Outfit #3

If you’re planning on spending the fourth on the lake, at the beach, or relaxing by the pool, all of these items are essentials. This red and white striped suit has a tie to accentuate your waist and looks great with the white from FFL. Make sure that you bring along this Jumbo American Flag tote with a change of clothes and it’s perfect for any activity on or by the water because it can get wet.

Outfit #4:

There’s nothing like a comfortable slouchy tank and Nike shorts when you’re ready to kick back and relax. Shorts with an elastic waistband are perfect for when you’re stuffed with hotdogs and hamburgers fresh off the grill. Pair with red, white, or blue sneakers for a completed look.

Outfit #5:

For a more subtle patriotic look, pair this navy and white striped top with navy paper bag shorts. Here, I have completed this outfit with brown sandals, but feel free to throw in some red sandals instead to make this look scream happy fourth!

Outfit #6:

No Fourth of July would be complete without some denim shorts. Pair these shorts with a white top and white shoes for a neutral look. Add the above scarf, hat, or your favorite piece of patriotic jewelry to take this outfit from a daily summer look to the perfect outfit for the fourth.

Outfit #7:

This outfit combines red, white, and blue all into one. This striped shirt looks just like I imagine America would look on a tank top and is perfect for the fourth with these denim shorts and white. Add simple gold jewelry to complete this look.

Add a hat or bracelet stack from FFL to any of these outfits and we promise that you will be the best dressed conservative woman celebrating the Fourth of July. No matter where you’ll be, how you’re dressed, or how you’ll be celebrating, we are wishing you a Happy Fourth of July!