It’s been almost seven years since Leighton Meester last graced the screen as Upper East Sider, Blair Waldorf, but she still lives on as a style icon. The Gossip Girl head gal may have been wealthy but it doesn’t take much to copy her chic, classic style. 

Dresses, dresses, and more dresses! 

Blair hardly ever wears pants, so if you want to feel like Blair, you need to find classic dresses in subdued colors. Blair also never looks frumpy. She aims for nicely cut dresses that are tailored to her body. Dresses like this, this and this are perfect! 


Even in the cold New York winters, Blair is never seen in pants. She keeps herself warm by pairing her dresses with classic, opaque tights. She incorporates pops of color into her outfits using tights too. These are a great pair of tights and they come in tons of colors. 


Because Blair attends a private school, she’s often seen in skirts and structured tops that are appropriate for her school uniform. A skirt like this one would definitely be appropriate.

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Collared shirts

To go along with the skirts Blair wears to school, she is often found in structured, collared shirts like this, this and this


Blair is known most for wearing headbands, which help keep her hair in place so she can look polished. Rock a headband like Blair’s which can be found here, here and here


Even after school, Blair would never throw on a t-shirt or pajama pants. When she is lounging around her house in the evenings, Blair can be found in classy nightgowns and robes like this, this and this

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In the colder winter months, and in the later seasons as Blair grows out of her headband craze, she often opts for a pretty hat to complete her outfit instead. Some of my favorites are here, here and here

Pretty outerwear

Blair would never be caught covering her pretty outfits with a ski jacket. Instead, she bundles up with beautiful outerwear that still keeps her warm. Structured coats like this, this and this will be your best friend.

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