As young women who often attend conferences and professional events, we are always on the lookout for cute, new outfits and ways to spice up our regular business clothes. Sometimes you just need that extra flare to feel more confident. My favorite confident look inspired by spicing up a blazer. Usually, I do not like being super fancy, so blazers are the perfect way to look professional, but dress up and add some of your personality to. Whereas our male counterparts typically wear blazers one way, we can use our blazers in a few unique ones to match how we’re feeling that day. Here are four cute ways to wear a blazer.

Wear a neutral blazer with pastel chinos

The colors are always really pretty and you can use them to make you stand out. For example, I really love salmon colored pants in the summer. They’re very beachy and add a little slice of vacation to your day at work. Any neutral color blazers can match here, such as navy blue with pastel yellow or off-white with olive green bottoms. We can wear colorful outfits throughout the different seasons and the blazer certainly provides professionalism.

Wear a blazer over a dress

This is such a simple combo, especially if you’re sick of just wearing the same old boring cardigan. Cardigans are cute and all, but after wearing your favorite one so often, it can become lackluster, not to mention somewhat raggedy. Blazers over dresses still cover the shoulders and keep us warm, but with an added business-like boost of empowerment.

Wear a blazer over a patterned skirt

Patterned skirts draw attention away from the same old blazer you’ve been wearing, yet still give you a chance to wear it. A form-fitting skirt and a cuffed blazer give the impression of girl boss mixed with a casual day. A frilly floral skirt and a slim-fit blazer speak other words, perhaps casual Friday. 

Blazers with cute jeans

For casual Friday! Your favorite pair of jeans does not just have to be for the weekend. Wear you comfy, courageous style to work with a nice slick blazer. The hybrid of formal and relaxed is a perfect vibe for any Friday. Blazers can quickly become casual when pairing them with modest looks. I personally find this look to be intimidating (in a good way) and representative of a woman with a strong personality who knows what she wants! Even try this outfit next time you spend your Saturday morning at Starbucks reading C.S. Lewis and see for yourself the instant mood-booster! 

Wear your blazers loud and proud! Try matching your lifeless blazer with colorful chinos, adding formality to your favorite casual dress, experimenting with different skirt styles to match different cuts, and letting your in-charge attitude shine with a bold blazer-on-jeans look.

Kelly H