You all know her as Turning Point USA’s incredibly quick witted and intelligent host of “Freedom Seeds”, a TPUSA production, or recognized her as one of the most popular speakers at TPUSA conferences. This young lady graduated from Colorado State University with her degree in Biomedical Sciences and recently completed her masters degree in Biomedical Sciences Policy and Advocacy from Georgetown University. You can find her appearing as a guest on news networks such as Fox News, Newsmax, OANN, and more. This powerhouse I am referring to is Isabel Brown and her new book Frontlines: Finding My Voice on an American College Campus is out now. 

I have had the pleasure of knowing Isabel for a couple of years and having spoken on a panel at TPUSA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit with her, I know how passionate she is about the conservative movement. We have kept in touch over the years and when she asked me if I wanted to read her new book early so I could review it, I jumped at the chance. This book was full of stories Isabel has only ever shared with family and close friends.

With a conversational writing style, Isabel’s articulate prose takes you behind the scenes of what it is really like to be a conservative on a college campus. She shares the feelings of isolation on campus but stresses that she was never a victim of circumstance. She knew that there were, and still are, many like her who felt these same things on their own campuses. In fact, one of my favorite lines from the book came early where she says: “Rather, I tell you my story because it’s not unique.” What you will discover of Isabel is that she is pithy and succinct. 

Inside this book, Isabel shares some bias questions she had on her tests and when I say that I was shocked that Biomedical Science professors could even introduce bias on something that is extremely fact-based was eye opening. She even shares her alumni’s entire list of words that are a guide for inclusive language. 

Isabel doesn’t speak from her experiences on Google or from what she has seen on television, she speaks from experience. One of the most profound section of the book was when she discussed her study abroad in Cuba — before casual civilian travel was allowed. Her experience isn’t just abroad but also domestic. She was the target of doxxing for her work with Turning Point USA on Colorado State’s campus. Because Isabel was willing to use her voice to promote conservative principles and host conservative speakers on campus, she was the target of death threats. She takes you through the hours leading up to hosting a conservative speaker on campus working with campus police to ensure that the event is safe for all involved. When Charlie Kirk, founder and CEO of Turning Point USA, came to speak on campus, violence erupted and in a twist of ironic fate, the violence wasn’t coming from the people who were being protested for “violent rhetoric.” 

Another amazing chapter in this book was where Isabel made the case for why liberals should want a conservative presence on campus. Not only does the author make compelling arguments, but she uses words from liberals about why they also believe that the political right has a place on campus. 

One of the important things that is stressed in politics is network, network, network. Isabel mastered the art by engaging on campus, nationwide, and showing her willingness to start from the bottom and learn. She was the actual boots on the ground instead of just talking about it. She was all action instead of all talk. The book discusses how she got a job in the political world and what makes this field so unique.

You also definitely don’t want to miss her chapters on why politics should be discussed at the dinner table and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted conservative students. 

Thank you Isabel for allowing me to read this book and sharing this amazing story of activism, hope, and hard work with us. 

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Praise for “Frontlines”

“There are more than 10,00 young people in PragerForce, the student ambassador program of Prager University. I therefore get to meet many of the finest young people in America today. Among all these extraordinary people, Isabel Brown nevertheless stands out for her intellect, knowledge, vivacity, and courage. 

I know how bad things are at our universities: how closed minded, anti-intellectual, irrational they are, not to mention how deeply hostile to America and Judeo-Christian values. Yet, reading Frontlines made me even more aware of how low our universities have sunk. The book is revelatory reading. If you are thinking of sending your son or daughter to college, you must first read this book. If you still decide to send them to college, if he or she returns home in a year or two with contempt for everything you hold precious, don’t say you weren’t warned. This is an important and even riveting book.”

Dennis Prager, PragerU Co-Founder, host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show The Dennis Prager Show, nationally syndicated columnist, and New York Times bestselling author of ten books

“Frontlines tells the compelling story of what it means to be an outspoken conservative on today’s college campuses. Isabel’s journey as a student and beyond inspires young Americans from all walks of life to embrace their own bold voices in the center of our nation’s culture war on campus.”

Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA Founder and CEO, author of “The MAGA Doctrine” & host of The Charlie Kirk Show

“Isabel beautifully illuminates what it’s like to be a conservative college student in a culture that demonizes freedom of thought. This book is required reading for not only conservative students who feel alone and ostracized but also parents who have been kept in the dark about the war on free speech happening at an institution of higher learning near you.” 

– Alex Clark, Conservative commentator,Turning Point USA Contributor, & host of POPlitics

“Isabel Brown is the real deal: a sharp, highly intelligent, and relatable young conservative that gives a voice to the next generation of thought leaders and political activists. If she’s the future of conservatism, the movement is in safe hands!” 

Rob Smith, Iraq veteran, author of “Always a Soldier”, TPUSA Contributor, & Host of Rob Smith is Problematic

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