We’ve all been there before: You’re sleeping peacefully in your warm bed, watching your ex and Chris Evans battle it out for your attention in your dreams (and desperately hoping that Chris Evans wins) when suddenly, your alarm clock starts beeping rudely. Do you interrupt the best dream of your entire life? Of course not. So, you hit snooze a few times until you’re now in critical danger of being late for work or your brunch date with the girls. Whoops…

Like we said, we’ve all been there. For scenarios such as these, it’s always helpful to have a couple of no-fuss outfits you can throw on fast and still look put-together. That way, you can catch some extra ZZZs in the morning (and maximize your time with Captain America) without risking your job or friendships.

The secret to getting dressed while you’re in a rush? Having a few key pieces that you can grab without thinking. The next time you find yourself running late, make sure you have these seven outfits in your closet.

1) Oversized Sweater + Faux Leather Leggings + Booties

As long as it’s still sweater weather, you can catch us wearing an oversized sweater (which is basically a blanket you can wear in public) with some cute leggings and chic booties. To further elevate your look, switch out your regular leggings for a pair of faux leather leggings that you can wear as day transitions into night.

Faux leather leggings feel buttery smooth and oh-so-comfortable. Just be sure to invest in a flexible pair that is easy to take on and off—because falling over while trying to put on your pants isn’t a good way to start your day.

2) White Tee with Anything

White t-shirt? Boring? Please. When styled just right, a white t-shirt is anything but basic. On the contrary, a white tee is a timeless classic that can serve as the perfect neutral for all of your best ensembles.

This wardrobe staple pairs great with stylish jeans in any color, making it ridiculously easy to get dressed and out the door in a flash. For an edgy look, wear your white tee with black skinny jeans and throw on a leather jacket (which instantly makes any outfit 10x cooler). Need to class up a white tee for work? Take a style tip from Olivia Palermo and tuck your white tee into a belted skirt.

3) Sweater + Trousers + Loafers

If you don’t have a pair of loafers in your closet, get them ASAP. There is something about these masculine-looking flats that instantly adds sophistication to any ensemble. Pick up a pair with a feminine twist (i.e., cheetah prints or sequins) and wear them with trousers and a sweater for the perfect 9-5 look.

We know that you’re in a rush, but try choosing a sweater and a trouser in the same hue. Your coworkers will be so impressed with your mastery of tonal dressing that they won’t even notice that your hair is a wild and untamed mess.

4) Matching Two-Pieces

Can we just take a brief moment to honor whoever made two-piece outfits a thing? We’re not sure who it was that made matching clothes trendy in the first place, but we do know that their ingenious two-piece sets have made mornings a lot easier for us habitually late people. Thanks to these beauties, you no longer need to dig around your closet for a top to match your bottom.

If you’re new to matching two-pieces, we recommend picking up a matching culottes set. Modern and trendy, culottes and a chic top are the perfect work-ready look you can throw on fast. Give your outfit some feminine flair with strappy heels or pair culottes with your cutest flats for a comfortable yet professional look that’s ready to hit the ground running—maybe even literally if you’re running really late.

5) Blouse + Blue Jeans + Pumps

A white blouse and black pumps are both timeless classics (are you noticing a trend here?) that will instantly class up any pair of blue jeans. Perfect for weekend brunch with the girls or casual days at the office, this look will never let you down.

Not to mention that it’s downright difficult to get this look wrong. You could choose virtually any type of blue jean—from skinny jeans to boyfriend jeans—and they’d still look fabulous with a blouse and pumps. It’s basically a guaranteed style home-run every time.

6) Shirt Dress + Sliders

The shirt dress is everyone’s summer go-to, and for good reason. It’s insanely simple to wear! Just throw it on, slip into a chic pair of sliders and you’re ready to go about your day in style.

If you have the time, you can also throw on a long necklace to enhance the look of your shirt dress. Another addition we’d make to this ensemble is an army green shirt jacket. On top of providing you with extra coverage during moody spring weather, an army green shirt jacket plays well with a wide range of looks–from skirts and heels to skinny jeans and flats. Bonus: It can be worn year-round for maximum style mileage.

7) Double-Denim + Camel Coat

Wearing denim on denim isn’t a groundbreaking trend by any means. However, it’s relatively easy to pull off (granted that you stick to the rules) and will earn you some serious style cred.

The key to acing the double-denim look? Wearing the same brand, wash or vibe from head-to-toe. If you’re going with mid-wash denim, complete the look with a camel coat to avoid looking too blue. Want to skip the headache of mixing and matching? You can always take your style cue from Hailey Baldwin and wear a matching denim set.

This is a sponsored post by Red Dress Boutique.