2020 has certainly thrown us a lot of curve balls, but one of the best ones is the resurgence of media entities we loved back in the day! While it may not solve all our problems, these “throwbacks” coming back around again are certainly giving us something to celebrate and enjoy as we try to stay afloat.

Keep in mind, these are the ones we have lots of details about so far, but many more appear to be in the works–including reboots of Saved By the Bell, The Proud Family, Rugrats, and more. 

Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (May 19, 2020)

Remember The Hunger Games? You know what went down once Katniss came around, but in this prequel, Suzanne Collins explores the story of President Snow. The book is set during the 10th annual Hunger Games and sure to be a fascinating read for fans of the series! The book is on sale everywhere May 19, 2020. 

Fuller House Final Season (June 2, 2020)

80s and 90s babies grew up loving Full House and its reruns, and a whole new generation has been introduced to the Tanner family through the Netflix spin-off, Fuller House, which follows an adult DJ raising her own children. The series comes to an end this June, and you’ll want to tune in to see how it all shakes out for the beloved Tanner family. The last half of the final season will release on Netflix on June 2, 2020. 

Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons–Ever! (June 8, 2020)

We all know the world is wonky right now, and that means we’re not likely to get a summer special of Bachelor in Paradise, but instead, Bachelor Nation is going back in time! Starting on June 8th, each week we’ll get to see an ENTIRE season from the past–the best moments from beginning to end–and this is perfect for long-time fans of the show and new fans who missed the early years. You can watch these via ABC or however you view it–including on Hulu the following day!

Artemis Fowl (June 12, 2020)

If you were a kid doing any reading in the early 2000s, you likely came across the Artemis Fowl books by Eoin Colfer. Fowl as a child mastemind who ended up entangled in fairy affairs and the books were fascinating to read. A movie has LONG been in the works, and covid-19 almost derailed it, but now it’s been announced that the movie will be releasing on Disney+ on June 12th for viewing! 

The Baby-Sitters Club (July 3, 2020)

Fans of the Baby-Sitters club books by Ann M Martin, and the recently released graphic novels, are losing their minds over this new Netflix show! Releasing in July, this show will introduce a whole new generation to Kristy, Stacey, Dawn, Mary Anne, Claudia, Jessi, Mallory, and more, plus it’ll be a fun throwback for older generations. 

Twilight: Midnight Sun (August 4, 2020)

Stephanie Meyer takes us back into the cult fandom of Twilight with Midnight Sun, a reimagining of the first Twilight book through the eyes of Edward Cullen. This will likely include more of Edward’s backstory, rumors say,which is very timely considering he died during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918! The book is on sale everywhere August 4, 2020. 

The Official Friends Cookbook (Sept 2020) & Reunion Special (Date TBA)

Friends has pretty much constant staying power, but may see a boom this year. The show will be available to stream on HBO Max when it launches in late May. There is also an OFFICIAL cookbook for the series releasing in September featuring famous recipes from the show and some pop culture tidbits! As you likely know, a reunion special has been announced via HBO Max, but no official date has been set yet. It’s likely that the reunion will be pushed back due to covid-19, but it may still drop in 2020!

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Gossip Girl Reboot (Date TBA)

While no official date has been confirmed, it is likely that HBO Max will release their reboot of Gossip Girl–with a new cast of characters, set 8 years after the original–at some point in 2020 or early 2021. The new streaming service has ordered at least ten hour-long episodes of the reboot and the original showrunners are attached, so old and new fans alike will find something to love about it. 

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