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By this point in the semester, for high school and college students alike, it’s tough to get out of bed, muster up the motivation to do homework and truly do your best to finish out the year strong. That said, you didn’t work hard all these weeks to throw it away now, so it’s important to remind yourself of your progress to get through to summer.

Remember the late nights you’ve spent doing homework throughout the semester.

After all, you don’t want all those late nights to be for nothing. Don’t throw away all the work you did earlier in the semester just because you’re tired and ready to be done. It’s definitely not worth it.

Your GPA really can’t afford for you to quit now.

Again, it really doesn’t matter how hard you worked all semester if you don’t give your all on final projects and exams. They tend to be a large percentage of your grade. You really shouldn’t give up early.

You’ll feel so much better about yourself afterwards if you continue to do your best.

When you’re driving home from your last day at school for the year, you want to feel good about all you accomplished. You won’t if you know you gave up with only a few weeks to go. Instead, feel proud of all your final papers, presentations and exams because of all the work you put into them.

You need your professors to be references in the future.

This is extremely important once you get to college. Networking is essential, even with your professors. For scholarships, internships and even jobs in the future, you’ll need recommendations. It’s important to make and maintain good relationships with your teachers.

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Give yourself breaks so that you’re not totally burnt out.

For you, this could mean going to the gym, watching an episode of your favorite show, going out with friends or anything that you actually find relaxing. Your assignments aren’t going to be well-done if you don’t give your brain a breather to recharge.

Know that all your extra-curricular activates will pay off in the end.

Even though you might feel incredibly overwhelmed with how involved you are at school, all those little blurbs on your resume will most definitely set you apart in the end. Balance is important, but getting involved outside of the classroom will only improve your education and overall pre-work experience.

Treat yourself to an extra cup of coffee or a snack as motivation.

It’s that time in the semester when you can honestly say “I deserve this.” If you need a latte to finish that final paper or put together a presentation, you should absolutely go for it. There’s no need to torture yourself more than necessary when doing end of semester work is already pulling teeth.

If you’re in college, you or your parents are probably paying a lot of money to help you get an education.

Remember what you’re investing into your education. You didn’t decide to go to college on a whim You should keep your end goal and your investments in mind. Take advantage of everything your campus has to offer – and that you’re paying for – as finals season comes to a close.

Let your friends build you up and help you get through it.

A support system is almost always the most important thing to have during finals season. You need friends who are able to make you laugh and relax in order to keep from going absolutely insane with all the pressure of finals.

Put your hair up in a ponytail and get it done.

Sometimes, it’s really all you can do.


The end of the semester really is so close, so don’t give up on all your hard work now. Remind yourself that you’re a girl boss, and you’ll get through it.

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