Being asked to be someone’s Maid of Honor is a massive undertaking. In fact, there are many responsibilities bestowed upon you for being someone’s MOH. If you have never been a MOH before, it can be somewhat overwhelming when thinking of everything you are responsible for. I was the Maid of Honor at the first wedding I was in, and thank goodness, there were some bridesmaid there to help me through the process. Here’s 5 things you need to know before being a maid of honor. 

Know that it is quite an undertaking.

If you are asked to be someone’s maid of honor, know that you have one of the biggest jobs before and at the wedding. You will work with bride on whatever she would like your participation on, and could likely share important details with other members of the bridal party. It is your job to be the bride’s wing-woman and do whatever she asks of you and do it with a positive attitude. 

You will plan the bachelorette weekend/party.

Take off some of the pressure when planning the bachelorette party. Think of it as a girl’s weekend. Make sure you are planning the weekend and/or party to how the bride would best want to spend her time, not how you or the rest of the bridal party would like to spend their time. This is the weekend to make her feel like the most special person in the world. 

It is your responsibility to hold the bride’s bouquet and fix her train during the wedding.

The bride is not able to hold her bouquet during the wedding. It is your responsibility to hold it for her. You also want her to look her absolute best in all her wedding pictures. If she has a dress train, make sure you keep an eye on it and fix it during the ceremony.

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You are the lead bridesmaid

The other bridesmaids could look to you for direction leading up the wedding. Make sure you have all the details and share those with the other bridesmaids. Take the lead! It will make the bride’s life easier if she does not have every bridesmaid texting her the same questions. 

Be the ultimate girl’s girl

Whatever the bride needs leading up to or on her wedding day, make sure you are there with a smiling face and positive attitude. If she needs someone to get an item out of her car, go get it. Someone to order lunch for everyone? Do it. If she needs someone to help her use the restroom after she has put her dress on, be there. Treat the bride the way you would want to be treated on your special day. 

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