One of the best parts about legendary movies and television shows is the iconic fashion that comes with it. Whether it’s  Blair Waldorf skipping down 5th in the latest Prada or Elle Woods taking names in pink during law school, we’ve wanted to raid closets of our favorite characters. Who makes the list of the most stylish? Here are the 8 best dressed fictional leading ladies of all time.

Veronica Lodge, Riverdale

Currently-airing teen drama and mystery show, Riverdale, is full of crime and fashion. The criminal mastermind’s daughter, Veronica, has a stunning wardrobe of designer pieces that the family can afford because of her dad’s drug empire. Veronica can hardly be seen wearing anything other than a plaid skirt and a strand of pearls, unless she is in her River Vixen cheerleading uniform. 

Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

For years, women have been trying to recreate this New York socialite’s looks. Blair never wears pants and during her teenage years, always sports a statement headband. Blair’s wardrobe is filled with designer items from all over Fifth avenue, and she would not be caught dead in anything else.

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Serena Van Der Woodsen, Gossip Girl

Best friend of Blair, Serena has the figure and wardrobe of a model. Her style is trendy and very New York City-esque. Serena’s outfits are always topped off with confidence. She owns each of her outfits whether it’s her Constance uniform or an elegant gown.

Holly Golighty, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Holly’s style goes through several phases, all of which would still be fitting to wear today. Her most iconic outfit would have to be her black dress, a staple to any woman’s wardrobe. 58 years later, people still channel their inner Holly Golighty and copy her style whether for everyday life or a costume. 

Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

Elle can always be seen sporting a shade of pink. Her style changes from trendy sorority girl to a trendy attorney ready to take on the world. 

Rachel Green, Friends

Rachel’s wardrobe directly reflects her jobs at Ralph Lauren and Bloomingdale’s. Her style is classic prep meets 90s, in the best way possible. Rachel’s style has even influenced a current line on Ralph Lauren’s website to celebrate the anniversary of Friends. 

Olivia Pope, Scandal

Olivia Pope’s style is perfect for a no-nonsense business woman. It’s full of neutral colored outfits that would fit perfectly in a capsule wardrobe. Everything from her jackets to her bags can easily influence the style of today’s women.

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Cher Horowitz, Clueless

Cher has spent plenty of daddy’s money to adequately fill her wardrobe with clothes that look like she strolled straight out of a country club. She can be seen in blazers and cardigans often paired with a matching plaid skirt. Cher’s closet is every woman’s dream with a built in device to match her outfits and help get her ready for the day.

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