Christmas can be an expensive time of year with buying gifts, saving up to go visit family near or far away, and decorating your home. I have always loved decorating for Christmas, but until I had to decorate my own place on my own dime, I didn’t know how expensive it was. In fact, I ended up buying my own fake tree even though I am staunchly team “real tree.”Luckily, I already had ornaments that people had given me throughout the years in addition a few of my own. Unfortunately, besides that, I didn’t have anything around the house that made it feel warm and cozy. I had purchase a tree skirt and many other Christmas decorations. If I have learned anything over the years, it’s how to decorate for Christmas without breaking the bank. Here are my tips and tricks for making your home feel like Winter Wonderland without killing your bank account. 

Take advantage of thrift stores

During the year, keep an eye out for “Christmas in July” promotions. Stores will bring out their Christmas inventory at a discounted rate in July. You can find many festive decorations that are gently used. Not to mention, they have some amazing beaded Christmas sweaters that will wow anyone at a Christmas party. 

Lean into DIY projects

This is a simple way to pay a little to get a lot. Decorate your own ornaments. Make your own table trees. Paint your own canvas. Take a hot glue gun and decorate in a way that Martha Stewart could never. Pinterest is your friend and Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and A.C. Moore are your home away from home. Go throughout the year to stock up on supplies, specifically during sales. This is also a great craft activity if you have children!

Don’t forget about Hobby Lobby

When is this place not having a sale? I could spend hours browsing the aisles. Decorations from Hobby Lobby is good quality, which makes it’s a good investment for years to come! While listening to carols, peruse the aisles of the Christmas decorations that are fairly priced and always festive and adorable. It will definitely spark inspiration and get you in the Christmas spirit! 

Use what you already have

Paper snowflakes, pine-cones, and pine tree branches are a festive way to fill up empty space. No, it’s not “tacky.” In fact, I feel like it looks more like Christmas this way.

Ask for decorations for Christmas

If you’re a huge Christmas person like I am, you’re going to want to take advantage of this. I always ask for ornaments and decorations. It’s a great way to stock pile and grow your decorations collection. Last year, I got a ton of vintage Santa decorations for Christmas. It was amazing and I have all of it up this year. It saved me a ton of money because I didn’t have to go buy them myself. 

Know that Target and Walmart are essential

Wait for sales. Buy at the beginning of the season. Pro tip: prices go up the closer you get to Christmas so buy early. These stores are one-stop shops. Everything is in within the same section and often times, there are great bundle deals.  

And of course, utilize Amazon Prime

Use it to your advantage. The prices are normally market price. Not to mention, shipping time is very quick. Thank you, Amazon Prime! 

Decorating your place for Christmas doesn’t mean it has to look like a Southern Homes catalog nor does it need to look like Santa’s workshop. The way you decorate for Christmas is all up to you and what puts you in the Christmas spirit. 

Take this season and enjoy it. Happy decorating, y’all!

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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