I am a sucker for a good Christmas romance, and we are so blessed to live in the age of streaming where they seem to be infinite. You don’t have to perch in front of the Hallmark Channel anymore. Instead, turn on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime whenever the fancy strikes and watch one of these romances sure to make you saw “aww,” make you swoon, and maybe even make you cry a little bit. You’ll definitely be feeling in the holiday spirit by the end. 

The Knight Before Christmas: Netflix

A time traveling 14th century knight ends up living in the guest house of a school teacher and only has until Christmas ever to complete his quest. Ridiculous and ridiculously un-look-away-able. 

The Christmas Calendar: Hulu

Bake away with these enemies-to-lovers Christmas movie with a sweet twist. Plus, it stars the woman who played Elle Woods on Broadway!

Falling for Christmas: Amazon Prime

An injured figure skater falls for a local fisherman in this Hallmark-esque Christmas movie perfect for people who love watching the Winter Olympics. 

Let It Snow: Netflix

Perfect for YA readers, this multi-story holiday movie follows teens as the cope with love and friendship in the midst of a snowstorm. 

The Spirit of Christmas: Hulu

A hardworking lawyer who meets a handsome ghost at a bed and breakfast? Take my time, please. 

The Princess Switch: Netflix

Did you love A Christmas Prince? Do you dream of royal romances? This one will do it for you, plus Vanessa Hudgens pulls double duty. 

A Very Country Christmas: Amazon Prime

A country sensation seeking some solitude? A single mom? You know this Christmas romance is going to draw you right on in and have some great background music. 

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member