In the past five years, fitness trackers have absolutely exploded. Remember having a little pedometer attached to your waistband? Those days are behind us. Now, for not too much cash, you can have a little fitness tracker on your wrist. It will track your steps,your heartbeat, calories burned, stairs climbed, you name it. 

You don’t have to break the bank to get a fitness tracker though, so consider these six options for every budget. 

SAVE: YAMAY Fitness Tracker $30
This off-brand tracker is perfect for the person first entering the world of fitness trackers who just wants to get used to tracking their steps, and save a bit of money. 

SAVE: The Fitbit Inspire $50-$70If you want a reliable tracker that will double as a watch and do the basic counting for you, consider this option that often goes on sale!

SPEND: Fitbit Inspire HR $80-$99Get all the best aspects of the FItbit Inspire and be able to track your heart rate. This is great for long distance runners and serious athletes.

SPEND: Fitbit Alta HR–$104This Fitbit watch takes your exercise routine a little deeper and helps you find the right workout intensity and it can help fix your sleep habits. 

SPLURGE: Fitbit Versa $200Go a little deeper and get a full-fledged smart watch that will help you track way more than just your steps with this one!

SPLURGE: Apple Watch Series 5 $384Go big or go home, right? The Apple Watch is a big investment for some, but it’ll take your fitness tracking to a new level. 

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Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member