The Clintons have been known to get away with a lot of different things in their time, and Hillary Clinton is definitely not an exception. From all her scandals to the race for the white house, she has had her “fair” share of punishment, meaning none. If I were Hillary Clinton, I could get away with just about anything.

1) Murder

I didn’t do it… But if I did do it, here’s how.



2) Reckless Driving

Well I mean I haven’t driven a car since 1998



3) Vandalism

You mean to tell me that you think I wrote “ready for Hillary” on the trump tower?



4) Lying under oath

Well my husband did it.

giphy (2)


5) Trespassing

I’m Hillary Clinton. I can walk where I want.




6) Embezzlement

I don’t know what you’re talking about.



7) Public Intoxication

Yes I can walk a straight line. And a curved line. I don’t judge.



8) Corporate Fraud

The business was too big.”



9) Using a fake ID

I swear I am only 30. I don’t need a senior discount. That’s so rude to think I am a day over 28!



10) Internet Fraud

No. The requests for money to fund my campaign were totally legit and not for my next Botox and facelift.




11) Use my title and power to get out of anything.

I’m Hillary Clinton. You can’t arrest me.

giphy (1)


12) Larceny

I thought it belonged to everyone. We all get a fair share.



13) Comprising national security

I have no idea what you’re talking about.”



14) Taking classified government information without permission.

This stuff is classified?



15)  “Accidentally” mishandle classified government information and put the entire nation at risk.

What emails?



Maggie B
FFL Cabinet Member
Maggie is a student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She's studying Mechanical Engineering with Premed Specialization and Political Science. If her life had background music, it would be Fox News. She's a full time animal lover and spends most of her free time taking pictures of her cat. She loves politics, gold, glitter, pink, pens, lipstick, designer purses, Lilly Pultizer, and Kate Spade.

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