Last night, the five remaining Republican nominees debated in Texas at the University of Houston and sparks flew. With only days left until Super Tuesday, the stakes are high and n candidate was holding back. There were insults slung every which way, but we got some pretty great one-liners from the two-hour event. In case you missed it, here are some of the best one-liners from all the candidates.

“We cannot violate the Constitution of the United States the way this President does on a regular basis”Marco Rubio

“I guess there’s a statue of limitation on lies”Marco Rubio

“People have a perception that you can only be Hispanic if you are liberal”Ted Cruz

“We are the party of Diversity-not the Democratic Party”Marco Rubio

“Everything starts with economic growth”John Kasich

“We need to have policies that give liberty and justice to all people”Ben Carson

“Real compassion of providing people with a ladder of opportunity to climb up from a state from dependence”Ben Carson

“First off, I don’t believe anything Telemundo says”Donald Trump

“I will not apologize for a minute for defending the Constitution”Ted Cruz

“We’re always looking for converts into the Conservative movement”Marco Rubio

”If you don’t agree with their lifestyle, say a prayer for them when they leave and hope they change their behavior”John Kasich

“We have to move beyond the idea that the Hispanic community only cares about immigration”Marco Rubio

“No one gets extra rights…That’s not fair”Ben Carson

“I saw you repeat yourself five times five seconds ago”Marco Rubio

“It’s easier to translate the Dead Sea Scrolls than understand your hospital bill”John Kasich

“One of us here is going to inherit a total mess”John Kasich

“There’s a reason Jimmy Carter said he would support Donald Trump”Ted Cruz

“Falsely accusing someone of lying is itself a lie”Ted Cruz

“Their brand is not superior to the national security of the United States”Marco Rubio

“What kind of person do you want your kids to emulate?”Ben Carson

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