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The American people are turning towards President Obama for answers and consolation that a tragedies that have happened lately will never happen again. President Obama, however, is using the attack as a way to push his agenda, rather than facing the real threat: radical Islamic terrorism.

This isn’t the first time President Obama has wrongly done so. After the San Bernardino terrorist attack that took place in December 2015, in which married couple Syed Farook and Tashfeen Mali killed 14 of Farook’s coworkers, President Obama placed more emphasis on gun control and workplace violence, rather than acknowledging the couple’s possible allegiance to ISIS. Along with refusing to acknowledge the threat ISIS imposes, especially its ability to inspire homegrown terrorism, President Obama has also referred to the terrorist group as a “JV team.” A word for President Obama: you can’t fight an enemy you refuse to acknowledge. Here are 25 things that will happen before Obama will call ISIS what it is:

  1. The Northeast will become red states

  1. The State Department will release all of Hillary Clinton’s emails

  1. The U.S. will be alleviated of its national debt

  1. Donald Trump will go bald

  1. Taylor Swift will get married

  1. Michael Scott will become friends with Toby Flenderson

  1. Americans will finally discover the truth about Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage

  1. Bernie Sanders will take an economics class

  1. Grey’s Anatomy will end 

  1. Adults over the age of 30 will stop trying to zoom in on pictures on Instagram

  1. Kylie Jenner will stop receiving lip injections

  1. Kanye West will love someone more than himself

  1. There will be no lines at your local DMV

  1. Many liberals will stop feeling offended about…well, everything

  1. Hillary Clinton will realize pantsuits are so not in

  1. People will finally reach an agreement as to whether “the dress” is white and gold or black and blue

  1. Elizabeth Warren and Donald Trump will stop arguing on Twitter

  1. Your package from the USPS will arrive on time

  1. Flip phones will come back in style

  1. Your grandparents will stop referring to Justin Bieber as Justin “Beaver”  

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