The Left, and their new army of millennials with no real world experience, love to attack capitalism and call it one of the great evils of the world. They tweet condemnations of capitalism from smart phones that socialism never could have developed and sip coffee that wouldn’t exist without the very system they decry. How can they be so dense, so illogical? How could they believe the lies about capitalism when they benefit from it every single day?  Does the naysayers not realize how capitalism has shaped, and improved, our daily lives? The next time a raging liberal wants to argue with you about the supposed “horrors” of capitalism hit them with these thirty things that wouldn’t exist without capitalism and its benefits.

1) Smart phones

2) Uber

3) Starbucks

4) Lilly Pulitzer

5) Google

6) Facebook

7) The Internet

8) Kindle

9) Twitter

10) Medical advancements

11) Maternity leave

12) This website and organization

13) Private universities

14) Kate Spade

15) Apple

16) Spotify

17) Snapchat

18) Clean energy

19) Affordable cars

20) Civilian air travel

21) FedEx

22) Amazon

23) HGTV

24) Modern motherhood

25) Cheap gasoline

People love to talk smack about capitalism, because let’s face it. It is an easy target. When you’re down on your luck, it is easy to blame those who are doing better, but that’s not what capitalism is truly about. Capitalism is what allows you, when you’re down, to see a potential to climb back up and climb even higher, if you work hard enough. Critics of capitalism fail to realize that just because someone does well does not mean you do worse. That’s just now how the real world, the capitalist world, works. When Joe Schmo makes a million dollars, a million dollars suddenly doesn’t disappear from your bank account, or your net worth, or your future earnings. There is not just one winner and a thousand losers. The beauty of capitalism is that every single person has a chance to become a winner, or they could choose to remain a loser. It is up to every player how they do in the game. Why do you think so many small businesses are created every year? People see the success of other businesses and are inspired to take their ideas and run with it. 

Where would we be without capitalism? What if we had socialism instead? Well, let me tell you that would be a dark world. Without capitalism, and with socialism, we would be Venezuela, with our citizens starving and looting in search of food and basic necessities. We would be the Soviet Union, where neurosurgeons were paid a third of what bus drivers were paid and our economy drops to only 5% of the economy of a successful capitalist economy, like the United States.

The next time someone starts trash-talking capitalism, hit them with the hard facts. Hit them with reality. Remind them what wouldn’t exist without capitalism. Remind them of what happens in countries without capitalism and entrepreneurship. It isn’t pretty.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member