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Last spring, North Carolina passed its widely controversial bill, HB2. In my opinion, the controversy over the bill would not exist if people would actually read the bill rather than buy into the narratives set by the mainstream media, liberal celebrities, and Democratic candidates. The left has referred to HB2 as a “radical anti-LGBT law,” and a “trojan horse of hate.” Roy Cooper, North Carolina’s liberal Attorney General who is running for Governor has referred to the bill as a “national embarrassment.” Let’s break down what the left won’t tell you about this “bathroom bill.”

1) While falsely suggesting that HB2 is an “anti-LGBT” law, the Democrats are also trying to claim that HB2 has been disastrous for the economy. According to WRAL, the economic impact of HB2 has been around 0.1 percent. Nowhere near “disastrous.” In fact, I am confident that the economic success of North Carolina’s Republican majority has more than made up for this 0.1 percent economic downfall. After all, under Republican leadership, North Carolina has the fastest growing economy in the nation. On the contrary, in 2009, when Democrats last had control of the state, North Carolina was ranked as having the 8th worst economy in the nation. Clearly, if Democrats were in control of the state, their leadership would have a negative impact on the economy that would be much worse than HB2’s 0.1 percent impact. Even after HB2 was passed, North Carolina was still rated as the 5th best state for business.

2) Democrats won’t mention that HB2 allows for those who have legally changed their gender to use the bathroom, locker room, or changing facility of the gender that they identify with. If you have legally changed this sex on your birth certificate, you can use the restroom of the sex you have changed it to. This prevents people from falsely claiming to be transgender on a spur just to prey on women and children for their devilish sexual desires. Additionally, HB2 only applies to public buildings. This means that any privately only company such as restaurants, stores, law firms, health care clinics, can all choose to do whatever they want. If they want to allow people to use whatever restroom they please, that is a choice the private business can make.

3) It’s also important to note that HB2 would not even exist if Charlotte’s City Council had not overstepped its boundaries. Keep in mind; North Carolina already has anti-discrimination laws set in place. Last February, however, the Charlotte City Council passed a law banning any and all discrimination of sexual orientation and gender identity in places of public accommodation. Essentially, this required all private companies to allow individuals to use whatever restroom, locker room, or changing facility they pleased. Even if an individual wasn’t actually transgender, all they would have to do is claim to “feel like a man” or “feel like a woman” in order to walk into any restroom or locker room at any time. The former president of the Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Chad Sevearance, was part of the coalition that proposed the transgender bathroom ordinance. He just so happens to be a registered sex offender. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a registered sex offender played such a big part in fighting for Charlotte’s dangerous transgender bathroom ordinance.

4) Only about 0.3 percent of the population is transgender. On the other hand, it is primarily women who are put at risk by transgender bathroom ordinances. Women make up about half of the population. It is foolish to want to jeopardize the safety of half the population just to ensure that 0.3 percent of the population is comfortable.

5) Before you tell yourself, “but transgender bathroom rules are not dangerous,” there’s a lot more you should know. The liberal media won’t tell you that these transgender bathroom ordinances such as the one in Charlotte have been causing problems for years:

At a public pool in Seattle, a man who made zero attempt to portray himself as a female undressed in a women’s locker room while watching little girls change for swim practice. When the pool staff asked him to leave, he stated, “the law has changed and I have a right to be here.” The man returned for a second time later that day and nothing could be done about it. By citing Seattle’s transgender bathroom rule, the man was able to walk away without punishment.

In Virginia, a man who dressed as a woman was arrested on three separate counts of unlawful filming and peeping. In the first incident, he used a mirror to spy on a 53 year old woman in a Walmart bathroom stall. Later, he was caught taking pictures of a 35 year old woman and her five year old daughter in a bathroom at a mall.

A similar incident occurred in Los Angeles after a man disguised as a woman was charged with “6 counts of unlawful use of a concealed camera for purposes of sexual gratification.” The man had spent hours in a Macy’s store restroom obtaining video footage of women in bathroom stalls.

Not too long after Target announced they would allow people to use whatever bathrooms they pleased, an Idaho man wearing a dress and a blonde wig was caught filming an 18 year old woman trying on a swimsuit in a Target fitting room. The man was charged with voyeurism.

In the city of Toronto, after the University of Toronto adopted a policy making bathrooms gender neutral, several incidents of voyeurism occurred. In one of the dorms, male students were caught holding their cell phones over shower stalls to film women showering on two separate occasions.

Another incident occurred in Toronto after Ontario passed its own “bathroom bill” similar to the transgender bathroom ordinance in Charlotte.  A 37-year-old man claimed to be transgender woman named Jessica so that he could stay at women’s shelters. Using this tactic, he was able to sexually assault multiple women at two separate women’s shelters. He had also been spying on one of his victims while she was in the shower at the one of the women’s shelters. After being caught, he admitted that he did not actually identify as a woman, he only dressed like one.

The concern is not about transgender individuals who just have to pee. The concern is that the unnecessary law passed by Charlotte’s City Council would have resulted in more women and children being sexually assaulted and spied on. It is an issue of safety. Transgender bathroom ordinances such as the one in Charlotte have repeatedly resulted in sexual assault and voyeurism. Go ahead and call me a bigot all you want, but I will not stand by that. I was sexually assaulted a little over four years ago and it still haunts me to this day. The painful memories, nightmares, and flashbacks are something I will have to deal with for the rest of my life. I support HB2 because it prevents more people from having to go through the same traumatic experience that I did. It’s unfortunate that so many people support this idea of allowing men to, at any given time, enter an area where women undress, use the restroom, and shower. The Democrats love to talk about “women’s rights.”  I wish they would understand that our right to privacy and protection is important as well.