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If you’re anything like me, politics is one of your biggest passions.  Your heart skips a beat at breaking news, you live for election day, and you love meeting people who are addicted to politics as much as you are.  Here are 10 signs you might be addicted to politics:

1. Election Day is your Super Bowl

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2. You get an insane amount of pride when you beat someone in a political argument

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3. You get a strong sense of dread when you watch the videos of Millennials on Watters World who don’t know the difference between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

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4. The most attractive thing you find in people is their political views.



5. You love watching political drama go down on social media (I’m looking at you Hillary and Jeb)


6. You get emotionally attached to candidates and when they drop out, it feels like the world is ending

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7. You get super excited for election years and volunteer in campaigns to help your favorite candidates win.

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8.  Trying to talk to others with different views usually sounds interesting and intellectual at first, but after the first 3 minutes, you are so confused and concerned for their common sense, you end up regretting it.

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9. You jump at any chance to go to a political conference or speaker

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10. You feel an instant connection when you meet others with the same political views as yourself

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