Dear Carly — thank you.

Thank you for having the courage to run, even in light of the naysayers on the left who claim you are unqualified, despite their inability to name a single accomplishment of Hillary Clinton’s. (And thank you for pointing out that her titles are not accomplishments.) Thank you for walking into the lion’s den and facing the liberal media head on, showcasing what a true, strong, conservative woman is all about. Thank you for handling difficult questions and biased opinions with grace, dignity, ease, and a hint of sass. Thank you for being a conservative woman that our youth is inspired by. You truly are an amazing role model.

Often times, when leaders step forward, people on the opposite side are intimidated. When this happens, those who are intimidated will go to extreme lengths to shut down whatever is frightening them. That being said, Carly, you intimidate the left. You are an intelligent, successful, and outspoken conservative woman; they will try to shut you down. They will degrade you, discredit you, and do everything in their power to present you as an out of touch loud mouth with no experience. Essentially, they will Palin-ize you.

Carly, though I have no doubt you will prove the left wrong time and time again, I hope you remember how important it is that you are running. For thousands of young Republican women, you have proven that there are people out there who share their values and ambitions. In a world where Republican women are frequently shamed for their beliefs, you have proven that we do not stand alone. You have shown that the left does NOT have a monopoly on women, and you have shown that no, Republicans are not all old, white, rich men. Most importantly, you have become someone for us to look up to.

Everyone know’s the expression “we need more boots on the ground,” but you know what else we need? More heels on the ground. Carly – that’s you. In all honesty, 2016 is anyones race – but we are so happy to see you in it.