Last night, the top 7 GOP candidates went to Charleston, South Caroline, for the sixth debate of the Election Season. Throughout the night, topics such as gun rights, the economy, as well as personal issues were discussed and debated. We also live-tweeted throughout the night with our hashtag #DebateWithFFL. We hope you followed along with us on Twitter, but if you missed it, here were the main events.

Cruz vs. Trump

The night kicked off with a showdown between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump regarding Cruz’s eligibility to be President. Cruz was born in Canada to American citizens, which in Trump’s eyes doesn’t make him a “natural born” citizen. This caused an engaged debate between the two, finally stopped by Marco Rubio who focused the debate on more important issues. Cruz and Trump bumped heads throughout the rest of the debate, however, and the tension between them was very obvious.

Jokes Everywhere

The candidates tried their hand at comedy throughout the night, with Christie, Carson, and Bush all trying to lighten the mood by inserting their own humor. From Carson making fun of his lack of camera time, to sharp witty comments made by Christie, the comedic effect definitely made the debate a bit more fun to watch and kept us engaged.

Gun Rights Take Center Stage

In light of President Obama’s executive orders regarding gun control and background checks, gun rights and the 2nd Amendment was a large subject matter discussed last night. All the candidates were in strong favor of gun rights and declared that they would repeal these executive orders if they were to become President.

Taxes, Foreign Affairs, and Immigration, Oh My!

Once the second half of the debate hit, the candidates started to seriously discuss the important issues in our country. Although the first half was a bit bumpy, once the candidates settled down there was a lot of intellectual and civil discussion about tax reform, our foreign involvement oversees, immigration reform, and how to deal with ISIS.

After this debate, it’s clear that these candidates see how important this race is coming and see the upcoming Iowa and New Hampshire primaries in the future. I look forward to seeing how this race will proceed in 2016, and we hope you’ll join us on January 28th for the next GOP debate!