When you start to prepare for the Law School Admissions Test, there are many emotions that you may experience. Some good, some…more challenging. These emotions can be best explained by the one and only, Elle Woods.

1) Coming to terms with the fact that this will be one of the hardest tests that you will ever have to take:

The LSAT will be one of the absolute hardest tests that you will take during your lifetime, of course, until you sit for the bar exam. While the LSAT is widely known to be extremely hard, there are many ways that you can make it just a little bit easier on yourself while studying. If you can’t get the score you want right away, please do not be discouraged! This test can get easier with time, just keep studying.

2) Realizing how much studying that is involved:

Studying for the LSAT is one of the hardest tasks that you will undertake. However, it can be extremely rewarding. It may take some time for you to realize just how much studying it requires, it is only up from there.

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3) Starting to buy LSAT prep books:

Now, here comes the “fun” part…buying sometimes up to hundreds of dollars’ worth of LSAT prep books. This is can be very discouraging because you may not know if you will even score well even with the help of these books. However, I am here to tell you that they can be lifesavers. Even purchasing one or two books can help you tremendously.

4) Taking your first practice test and realizing that it isn’t as scary as you first thought:

So you have started to read the prep books and solve the practice problems, but you are now preparing to take your first practice LSAT. First, take a deep breath and pray! Second, know that you’ve got this and you have worked hard leading up to this practice test. Third, remember that it is just a practice test, if you don’t get your desired score the first time, it is okay.

5) Seeing your score rise for the first time:

In my opinion, this is the best part of preparing for the LSAT, other than actually getting your desired score. Seeing your score rise even five points can be the most exciting thing.

6) When you finally receive the score you were hoping for:

It’s finally here! The moment you’ve been anxiously waiting for. The score that you have been working so hard for and been praying for has been achieved. You’ve worked so hard and you’ve earned this score. Now, go kill it on the real LSAT.

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Faith is a Liberty University senior majoring in Law & Policy: Pre-Law. She is a pageant queen who loves working as the General Counsel for her College Republican chapter and also loves drinking coffee while wearing Lilly Pulitzer. When she is not chasing the next pageant title, she is teaching a Sunday School class for 3 rd graders.