If you’re like me, you love giving gifts, but never know just the right thing to buy. My significant other seems to always know exactly the right things to get me, but I have to spend hours thinking and looking online. If this is you, have no fear.  Here are a wide range of suggestions to gift to your special someone for all budgets!

A framed photo

A framed photo of the two of you is a timeless gift that will never lose its value. This gift is simple and easy. Print out a photo at your local Walgreens or CVS. Then, you can pick out a frame wherever you prefer depending on how fancy you want it to be.  Your significant other is sure to love it and place it somewhere that they can look at it often to think of you. 

An experience

Personally, I would rather spend money on an experience than buying a specific item. Experiences create memories with each other and provide for quality time. This idea can vary greatly in price. If it’s in your budget, consider a trip or tickets to see their favorite artist in concert. Dinner reservations at a nice restaurant or a couple’s dance class are also great ideas, but won’t break the bank. 

A homemade coupon book

Alright, this sounds cheesy. You probably made one for your mom on Mother’s Day when you were a kid, but this can be a very sweet gift! Get out some paper, cut it into little rectangles, staple them all together, and get out a marker to write your coupons. You can include a back massage or “you can pick the movie” coupon. Be creative to what fits your personality! Plus, it can all be free depending on what you decide to include as your coupons.

An Audible subscription

If your special someone loves to read or travels often, this is the perfect gift! An Audible subscription is $14.95 after you receive the first month free. Each month you can purchase any audiobook for free, plus 2 Audible originals. If you do use your free book credit one month, it rolls over to the next. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

A print of something important to them

Do they love World War II posters or enjoy the outdoors? Find a print of something that is near and dear to their heart and get it framed. 

A gift card basket

Don’t know exactly what to buy? Let them pick it out themselves! A gift card basket ensures that they get exactly what they want and are happy. 

A record player

These are very popular right now and often are on sale. Record players are a fun alternative to the everyday digital music we listen to. Plus, second hand stores have records for cheap, and popular artists often come out with vinyl albums too. This gift is sure to please.


Boys love leather right? Depending on how much you want to spend will determine how big the item is. Leather wallets can be fairly inexpensive (around $40-50), but leather messenger bags can be anywhere from $200-500. Although you might spend more on a leather gift, it will last him a very long time. You can add a special touch by getting his monogram burned into it.

Something they collect

Lapel pins, koozies, rocks, or hats the list goes on and one. Getting your significant other something they collect is a guaranteed win.

Your love

A big, expensive gift is not everything. Cook a special dinner at home for the two of you and watch a movie by the fireplace. There is truly nothing that compares to quality time and the gift of love. 

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