So you have signed-up to work with your campus’ College Republican chapter or found another way to work on a politician’s campaign. You are so excited. You’re ready to jump in. However, you are struggling with trying to figure out what is appropriate to wear while performing tasks that you are assigned. Don’t freak out just yet! We’re here to help. This article is your guide on how to navigate campaign attire flawlessly.

What to wear when tabling:

Dressing for tabling is one of the easiest areas of campaigning to navigate fashion-wise that you will come into contact with. Typically, when I table the style that I wear is business/business causal. If you pair a blazer, a top, and a pair of nice dress pants with some heels or nice flats, you will be one of the most confident looking people in the room. Remember, whatever outfit you choose, make sure that it makes you feel and look the best that you can be!

What to wear when door-knocking:

So what to wear when you go door-knocking is a bit harder to figure out. For some College Republican chapters, they prefer you to wear jeans (without holes or tears in them!), a t-shirt, and sneakers. However, other organizations may want you to wear a jacket with your good-quality jeans, nice top, and flats. Make sure to check with your organization. Either way you will want to wear a nicer, more clean-cut version of what your organization prefers you to wear. Once you go door-knocking for the first time, you will quickly figure out what you prefer wearing when you door-knock.

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What to wear when phone banking:

Phone banking’s style is in-between both tabling’s style and door-knocking’s style. When I phone bank, I wear a blazer, jeans, and heels. This is a more laid-back environment than tabling, but you will still be seen by politicians and future employers. First impressions are everything. You want to look confident and poised no matter what the situations is, and your attire can really reflect that. Remember, confidence is key and it really does help your morale and your energy when you dress for success!

Faith is a Liberty University senior majoring in Law & Policy: Pre-Law. She is a pageant queen who loves working as the General Counsel for her College Republican chapter and also loves drinking coffee while wearing Lilly Pulitzer. When she is not chasing the next pageant title, she is teaching a Sunday School class for 3 rd graders.