Let me start by saying that I was raised in an extremely conservative home. My parents are fiercely Republican and have been for their entire life. Let me also say that I am a conservative and proudly support the GOP. Let me very clearly emphasize that I do NOT base my political thoughts off of my parents. I’ll repeat that – my parents’ political views are NOT my moral compass nor are they the basis of my personal views. I am so tired of everyone dismissing my opinions and very well thought out arguments simply because my views are similar to those of my parents. There’s nothing more incorrect than someone saying “you’re only Republican because your parents are.” Why is it that in order to be considered “independent”, I have to rebel and have an opinion that opposes that of my parents? My parents views do not define me.

In high school, I became especially interested in politics and began studying each party and their opposing opinions. The public school system had no problem ensuring that I was well aware of what the Democrat party has to offer.  I instantly knew that it’s not for me. How can I say that? It’s simple really.

I believe wholeheartedly in hard work, small business and chasing your own version of the American dream. Yes, I believe in free market capitalism. In addition, I believe in small government and personal responsibility. As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, I believe that I have a right to own, carry, and buy a gun. You guessed it, I also strongly believe in protecting the unborn and fighting to save innocent lives that would otherwise be ended for the sake of choice. I believe that the government does not owe me anything, I don’t need to be dependent on them for handouts or healthcare. In 2018, I know I can succeed without victimizing myself and hiding behind the modern radical feminist label. I believe that there is no war on women.

This is only a small portion of many of my personal convictions that align me with the Republican party. Each conviction is my own and I have spent many hours researching and carefully considering them. To dismiss me, because some, not all, of my opinions align with those of my parents, is simply outrageous. I am a very strong-willed and independent member of society. I have been growing, learning, and changing for twenty some years. Throughout my life I have been exposed to various opinions and paths which have helped me to better form my own way. I know where I stand on issues. Yes, I know what I believe. I didn’t need my parents to coach me in the opinion forming process. I’m grateful that my parents raised me to think for myself and to voice my positions. They are even more proud of the person I’ve become because of my independence and conviction.  When someone tries to belittle me with the statement “you’re only Republican because your parents are” – it becomes my mission to prove them wrong. It’s crucial to rise above that slippery slope because empty insults accomplish nothing. Contrary to popular belief, it is totally acceptable that I share similar values with my parents. It most certainly doesn’t make me wrong, and it definitely doesn’t debunk my argument.

It seems that the left has tricked my generation into believing that in order to be considered young and independent, we must be liberal. Everyone knows the stereotype that college kids typically lean left. When I talk about my conservative views, most of my generation doesn’t know what to think. That confusion gets turned into empty insults about my upbringing. “Only old people are Republican, you got that from your parents, right?” Wrong. I will not conform to accepting my parents ideologies as my own, nor will I succumb to simply going with the popular opinion of my generation to be considered “independent.” I am a strong minded young conservative who is fully capable of, and enjoys, forming her own opinions.

Lauren N
Lauren is one of our managing editors here at Future Female Leaders. When she is not editing FFL articles, you can find her color coding her whole life in her Lilly Pulitzer agenda. She's a southern girl who loves Hokie football and isn't afraid to be politically incorrect, so consider this your trigger warning.

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