Abnegation (The Selfless) = Democrats – Abnegation is the faction that values the needs of others over the needs of themselves. They all dress in the same clothes, they all live in the same size houses, and they have minimum personal belongings. They are all equal. They are dedicated to helping others and they take care of the factionless. Because of their selflessness they are in charge of the government, but none of the other factions trust them. They don’t believe that the Abnegation are using their resources to do what they are claiming they are doing. Abnegation would be a Bernie Sanders paradise #Equality



Amity (The Peaceful) = The Green Party – Amity value harmony and peace above anything else. They are in charge of farming the land and are always seen as happy and peaceful. They also love the environment. These are the same qualities that the Green Party value.



Candor (The Honest) = Constitution Party – Candor values honesty above everything else. They are also trusted to be the law in society because they see things as black or white. Because the constitution party are politically informed, but do not consider themselves part of the major two parties, they have an unbiased approach to politics. They just want to follow the Constitution, which is black and white.



Dauntless (The Brave) = Republicans – Dauntless not only means fearless, but it means determined. The dauntless are the police. They don’t back down from a fight and they protect society from threats. They could also be considered the “outcasts” of the factions. Those at the choosing ceremony rarely go from their faction to dauntless. Sound familiar?



Erudite (The Intelligent) = Libertarians – Erudite are known for their love of knowledge. They are very smart, which is why they are a threat to the other factions. Erudite was founded by those who believe that ignorance was the downfall of the previously society. Much like Libertarians, they observe things from the outside. Because Libertarians aren’t into the party politics, they interpret things a different way. Let’s just hope libertarians don’t go all crazy and try to take over the world #SpoilerAlert



Factionless = Independents – These people do not belong in a faction. Whether it was because they failed their initiation, or because they choose to leave, they no longer belong in one particular group. But, little do the other factions know, they are actually quite intelligent and have a plan of their own.

Stephanie F
FFL Cabinet Member