With the 2018 midterm election tomorrow, election party planning is in full swing. From everything from watch parties and candidate campaign parties. there are multiple different things to remember when dressing up for an election night party. Check out these tips and tricks to make sure you are dressed to perfection and looking your best.

Check the dress code before the event

You don’t want to be the girl who shows up in a full-length ball gown to a cocktail attire party and vice versa. There are a ton of different boards on Pinterest and articles that break down the different dress codes as well to check out and get inspiration from as well.

Make sure your dress isn’t too low cut or too tight

Make sure to follow the fingertip rule for the length of your dress by putting your hands by both sides and making sure your dress/skirt falls past your fingers to make sure it’s not too short. Also, make sure your dress is not too tight and doesn’t ride up when you walk. If the outfit you plan to wear is something you would wear to a club, bar, or fraternity party, it’s definitely not appropriate for an election party. There’s a chance you might run into potential employers, elected officials, and other important officials and you want to be remembered as a well-dressed, conservative woman.

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes (and break them in before!)

Election parties are usually pretty long and generally, there is not a lot of sitting room. Make sure that you wear a pair of shoes that are comfy and won’t have you in pain within an hour. Heels are always super cute, but not always the comfiest. It’s never a bad idea to bring an extra pair of flats in your bag. Also, if you’re wearing a new pair of shoes, make sure you break them in before the night of Election Day. Every woman has had a time where she got a new pair of heels for an event only for them to be super painful the first time she wears them. Avoid this happening to you by wearing them for a few hours a day or two before.

Make sure your hair, makeup, and nails are done

Complete your outfit by having your nails, makeup, and hair done. All are super easy to do yourself and all can be cost-effective too. Some of my best memories is getting all my girlfriends together and doing each other’s hair, makeup, and nails before a big event.

Election parties are some of the most fun events to attend in politics. There are so many different styles and outfits to pick from so have fun with picking your outfit and enjoy the night.

Elise is a Political Science student at Arizona State with dreams to go to law school and be the next Elle Woods. You can find her watching Fox News, online shopping, or drinking an absurd amount coffee while talking about conservative values and Ronald Reagan.