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Recently, American politics has been messy — arguments among friends, disagreements among families, tensions between the political parties, voters who are angry or disgruntled with the elections results. Some people feel America’s end is near, while others feel relief that this election is over. While the election has passed, fear has remained in the hearts of many Americans. At times, I find myself anxious as well. With such pessimism in the political arena, it sometimes seems as though there is little hope. However, there is truth to rejoice in: we belong to God’s eternal kingdom – not this world.

During His ministry on earth, Jesus taught about this kingdom. “My kingdom is not of this world” … “My kingdom does not have its origin here” (John 18:36). Unlike the temporary empires of this world, Jesus’ kingdom of heaven is eternal. As citizens of the kingdom, we carry a message of redemption from this earth and hope for the next life. As carriers of this message, we share with those who have no hope. When discussing politics, our message is as relevant as ever before: no matter what happens to our country, we are still citizens of His kingdom. While many individuals live in fear over current politics, we live in confidence knowing where we belong. As we engage in political conversations, we have the opportunity to tell others of our reassurance: although this world is fading away, there is a kingdom that is not of this world. On this earth, politicians come and go, but in this kingdom, there is one King who reigns forever. Although we may not agree with everyone politically, we can still impart with them Jesus’ teachings of His everlasting kingdom.

Next time we find ourselves in a fiery debate, let’s remind ourselves that we are ambassadors for Christ. We are to speak highly of Him and His kingdom. Instead of bashing those we disagree with, let us speak the truth in love. Let us bring light to a world that is ridden by the darkness of fear. As Christians actively engaged in politics, God has provided us a platform to tell others of His good news—whether it be on school campuses, in friend groups, or on Twitter. May we look for ways to share the gospel—the good news—of Christ Jesus. Jesus came as God, in the form of man, to bridge the gap of sin between God and man. Through His death and resurrection, Jesus conquered death. Jesus promises life to all who believe in Him as their Savior and Lord. For those of us who are Christians, our eternal life has already begun. Now we must invite others to enjoy endless life with us. Political discussions are one of many ways in which we can invite others to the kingdom.

Jesus answered, “My Kingdom is not an earthly kingdom. If it were, my followers would fight to keep me from being handed over to the Jewish leaders. But my Kingdom is not of this world.”

Katya P
Katya Pledger is a high school student who is thankful to be an American and is passionate about the Constitution, conservatism, and capitalism.

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