Pilot Pete Weber’s journey to find love is coming to an end, and no one knows yet whether he’ll pick Hannah Ann, Madison, neither, or end up forgoing it all and chasing about Hannah Brown. Regardless of your preferences for the aforementioned options, we can all acknowledge this has been a crazy season of cat fighting, name-calling, crying, walking away, and overall dramatics. I for one and glad to see the season end so we can move on to the Bachelorette, which will premiere on May 18th. 

In the meantime, roll out your exercise mat, pour yourself a glass, and let’s play our semi-annual finale exercise, or drinking, game. Exercise, or drink, responsibly ladies. This is meant to be fun, not land you in the ER getting stitches like Peter in Costa Rica. Yikes to that scar though, am I right? 

Every time we hear the word proposal or engagement: 1 sip of your drink or 10 sit ups

Come on, it’s the finale. Get your sit-up suits on, ladies. It’s time. 

Every time we see a shot of an engagement ring: 1 sip of your drink or 1 minute in downward dog

This happens every season, so you’ll at least get a little bit of downward dog in. I miss Neil Lane, don’t you?

Every time Chris Harrison says “dramatic”: 1 sip of your drink or 30 seconds of flutter kicks

It’s the “most dramatic season finale ever.”

Every time someone says the word “virgin”: 1 sip of your drink or 30 seconds of arm circles

Madison’s bombshell to Peter will no doubt come up, as it should, when he’s trying to make his final decision. 

When we learn who Barb was crying about in the infamous ‘Bring Her Home’ promo: Finish your drink or do 15 burpees

I need to know who this was, even if it’s not that important, so I’m excited for this moment. 

If someone gets accused of not being ready for marriage: 1 shot or 25 squats

They’re both 23, so we know that this will get brought up by someone.

Whenever someone cries: 1 sip of your drink or a 20 second v sit

It’s the finale. Everyone’s going to cry. It’s going to be great. Bonus drink if Chris Harrison cries. 

If Peter proposes to Hannah Ann: 1 shot or a 1 minute plank

Hannah Ann Weber? Maybe, if Peter picks this leading lady. 

If Peter proposes to Madison: 1 shot or a 1 minute wall-sit

Will Madison continue to save herself for the marriage to this pilot? We’ll see. 

If Peter does not get engaged during the finale: 1 shot or a 1 minute V sit

It happens a lot more than we realize. Colton didn’t get engaged. Neither did Juan Pablo or Brad Womack Round 1. 

If Peter proposes during  After the Final Rose: Finish your drink or do 50 jumping jacks

This, in my experience, seems more likely. This was what made Jason Mesnick so famous, and it happened with Benoit and Clare too. Plus, it showcases just how dramatic it truly is!

For every potential suitor Clare Crawley gets to meet on ATFR: 1 sip of your drink or 10 pushups

Clare was announced as the next Bachelorette on March 2nd, so will she get to meet some of her guys on ATFR? Rachel, Becca,  and Hannah B all did. 

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Join us back here on May 18th as we celebrate the beginning of Clare Crawley’s fifth journey to find love and another great season of The Bachelorette

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member