Here at FFL, we take pride in watching conservatives defy stereotypes. After featuring Iowa’s first female senator, Joni Ernst, in last weeks WCW post, we are excited to shine the spotlight on another outstanding Republican woman. FFL is proud to present South Carolina’s Governor, Nikki Haley, as our latest Weekly Conservative Woman! At 42 years old, Haley holds the title of not only the youngest current governor; but also the first female AND first Indian-American Governor of South Carolina. Haley is living proof that no, not all Republicans are old, white, privileged men.

Since taking office in 2011, Governor Haley has focused on creating jobs and improving the business climate in South Carolina. Other states now look to South Carolina as an example for how to recruit new businesses, while taking care of the businesses they already have. (Sounds a bit like our motto, “looking to the future while keeping an eye on tradition!”) From the start of her administration, Governor Haley has been proud to announce over 57,000 new jobs and more than $13.8 billion invested in South Carolina.

While her priority in office has been job creation, Haley’s numerous achievements inspire both men and women across the political spectrum to strive for excellence in their work. Haley ranks among the best, having been endorsed by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and Jenny Sanford, former First Lady of South Carolina. Haley’s reelection last week means big things for conservatives, and women, across the nation.

Danielle B
Danielle is a conservative political consultant who aides organizations in communicating their big ideas and empowering leaders. She works with a multitude of organizations, most notably including the American Conservation Coalition, OUTSET Network, and Future Female Leaders. Danielle can't explain why she doesn't need feminism, she's too busy succeeding without it. She likes coffee, capitalism, and proving people wrong.

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