Most of us are very familiar with that heavy feeling when it comes to carrying around our whole lives inside of our bags. While everything else may be neatly squared away, sometimes purses end up getting cluttered. Like most things in life, the way to organize the contents of your purse is through simplicity. There should be very few items that take up residence inside your purse.

An organized purse means an even more organized life. Here are 10 things every woman should keep in her purse in order to be prepared for anything life throws her. Like my father always says, “proper planning prevents poor performance.”

A planner

Having a specific space for dates and other notes is imperative to keeping things organized. Planners are great because they give structure to each day. They make it easy to plan events and schedule meetings. While a large planner is great for a desk or office space, a smaller pocket planner may be better for your purse, as it takes up less space and isn’t so cumbersome. When your planner is beautiful, it will be fun and exciting to write things in it. While our phones come equipped with an electronic planner, and takes up even less space, a physical planner offers easier access and a better general view.

A check register

These little books are great for budgeting. They are small and fit well inside of wallets. If you’re anything like me, you like to know the balance of your accounts at all times. I use my register to record every single transaction in my immediate account, which helps me to know how much I have after every single debit and deposit. This is a great thing to do especially during a day out shopping. Grab an iced coffee, sit down and record all of your expenses.

A pen

This may seem a little obvious, but I find that very few people carry pens and even fewer people carry a pen that actually writes. A professional woman should always carry a well crafted pen that actually functions. Small details like that do matter, and it is important to always be prepared to sign documents, write a quick note down in your planner, or help a friend.

For lefties like me, I highly recommend the Pentel Energel pens because of their quick drying, anti smudge properties. They consistently write and are smooth and hassle free. For ladies that like a little more bling, I recommend the Andres&Blaine pens. These are gorgeous pens that have all the properties of the Pentel pens and offer an extra flash and flourish.

A charger

Having a portable charger is a must at this point. Realistically, smart phones are a very large part of everyday life. It is the main line of communication. They contain email, schedules, social media accounts, directions, and other logistics. A successful woman knows she needs to have a charged phone throughout the day.

The Mophie phone cases are great because they aren’t a separate item that take up space in a purse. However, they aren’t very conducive to bigger phones and cause the bigger models to look too bulky, causing them to be uncomfortable to hold.

In those cases, Anker Lipstick charger are the best option. These cute little tubes come in various colors and offer up to one and a half full charges on iPhones as big as the iPhone 7 Plus. They are small and discrete and take up very little room and offer no extra weight.


Dry lips are annoying, uncomfortable, and give you an unkempt look. Every woman should carry chap-stick in her purse in case of situations like this. It takes up little space but can be vital to maintaining a neat and lively appearance. Despite the usefulness of chap-stick, Most brands like Chap-stick, Blistex, and yes Eos, simply quell flaky lips. They take care of the surface and sometimes even cause more flakes in the process. The best brand of chap-stick is Burt’s Bees and Aquaphor. These brands actually heal the lips on a deeper level leaving them truly moisturized and smooth for longer. Both of these chap-sticks also offer preventative actions and don’t need to be applied every hour like most other brands.

A protein bar

Everyone needs snacks. Contrary to popular belief, snacking is healthy. Eating smaller meals in between the three main meals helps speed up your metabolism and provides consistent energy. However, there is a formula to healthy snacking. Fruit, vegetables, and some processed foods with very little ingredients make the best snacks. Raw food can be challenging to carry in a purse so some bars offer a healthy alternative.

For athletes on the go, Think Thin bars protein bars are a great snack. If you find that you are too busy for lunch, or have burned a ton of calories and need some sustenance, their high protein bars are a great meal replacement or supplement. Think Thin also carries protein bites which are great for a pre workout snack.

For the ladies with desk jobs or want something a little less heavy duty, Larabars are the thing for you. Unlike a lot of plant based bars, these are very filling and made from truly organic ingredients. Don’t be afraid of the calories, these bars are made of the healthiest purest ingredients, so the calorie count is worth every bite.


Every successful woman knows that it is important to maintain fresh breath throughout the day. Popping a piece of gum after your morning coffee or garlicky lunch is always a good idea as a breath freshener as well as a palate cleanser. Gum is also a great way to keep yourself entertained in traffic or during a lengthy commute. It has even been proven to help with focus on tests, studying, and other assignments.


Tissues are a must in any season and can be used for way more than just runny noses. They can wipe mascara smudges, blot lipstick, wipe down grocery cart handles, and act as a shield between your clean hand and the dirty bathroom door.

Medicine bag

A medicine bag is one of the most important items to have on you at all times. It can be small and discrete while still carrying travel sizes of your medication. It helps to be prepared for a headache, stomach ache, cramps, or soreness to prevent any pain from spiraling out of control.


Having a travel size of your favorite mascara is always a great thing to keep inside your purse. After a workout, you can throw some on before running your other errands, or slip away to the bathroom and touch up when you’re out with friends. Sometimes a full face of makeup isn’t necessary. Mascara provides a little definition without being dramatic or sloppy.

Carry these ten essential items in your purse, and you are sure to slay the day.

Hannah N