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The Women’s March has once again assumed the role of spokesperson for women across the United States on yet another political hot topic. The Second Amendment has been claimed as property of the Women’s March activists in their latest plunder for political relevance with women as their decoy. Today, July 14th, the organization is orchestrating a march against the NRA for their “anti-woman” behavior, parading the tagline “We Will Never Be Safe.”

The trigger for this upset was an advertisement featuring Ms. Dana Loesch in which she called out some on the left for their violent behavior during demonstrations and protests. Further, the Philando Castile case played a role in organizing this demonstration. Now, many are marching on the NRA headquarters to voice their anger over the NRA’s supposed anti-woman, anti-POC behavior. However, what evidence exists to prove that the NRA is against women, or people of color for that matter? In fact, I would venture to argue that the National Rifle Association is the real women’s organization when compared to the Women’s March.

Let’s take a brief moment to be perfectly honest. Women are more often than not at an inherent physical disadvantage to men. Men are typically stronger than women, which makes women more vulnerable. Not only is it is basic biology, it’s also a fact with which most can agree. However, there is an equalizer for women everywhere: a weapon or, more accurately, a gun.

Alarm bells just sounded in the Women’s March headquarters; I said the dreaded “g” word. A gun is the best defense for a woman in the face of a much larger man. As terrible as it is that people will try to take advantage of women because of a physical inferiority, this is reality. Of course, teaching men not to attack is essential. However, sick individuals will always exist. We must also teach both men and women how to protect themselves effectively and swiftly against an assailant. The best way that exists is a gun. It is ridiculous and foolish to assume that an organization like the NRA, which exists to provide females across the country empowerment, tools, and support to properly defend themselves with this equalizer, as “anti-woman.” 

As for Ms. Loesch’s advertisement, holding reservations or blatantly disagreeing with what she said is perfectly acceptable. However, the Women’s March using their platform to twist her words into being an anti-women, anti-POC sentiment when there was clearly no attempt on her part to do so is irresponsible and wrong. Please keep in mind that Ms. Loesch is, in fact, a woman. Maybe these dissenters failed to recognize her as a woman because she is empowered by her knowledge of and training with guns. They do not want Second Amendment activists to participate in their activities, so they would not know what a woman empowered by her choice to carry looks like.

What Women’s March activists refuse to acknowledge is that their efforts to do away with Second Amendment rights and organizations that defend those rights actually harms women more than it helps women. The NRA encourages gun education and training in order to protect the right to self-preservation. Educating women about the most effective self defense tactics is extremely significant in closing the gap in the inequities between the two genders. In their work to discourage ladies, whether directly or indirectly, from possessing and carrying a firearm, they reinforce the inequities and intensify the physical divide between men and women.

The Women’s March cannot speak for all women, despite their fervent attempts to do so. As a woman, they will never speak for me. Just because I am a pro-2A woman, they cannot deny the fact that I, and many like me, exist. There are many of us. We are growing in number. More and more women spanning the nation are coming to the realization that a gun is their greatest form of physical safety and their greatest physical equalizer. We want our rights protected.

Women’s March, you do not speak for me and you never will. You cannot use your power and influence to steal my voice and twist it for the purposes of your own agenda. Your words, your protests, your bluster fall devastatingly short; you cannot claim to be for women and fail to protect a fundamental right that promotes equality between men and women.

Go ahead, have your march against the NRA. In your words “We Will Never Be Safe” — we will never be safe until you encourage and empower more women to take advantage of their Second Amendment rights.

Liana I.
FFL Cabinet
Liana is a follower of Christ and current communications student at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She enjoys writing, reading, and serving others.

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