It’s officially warm which means it’s time break out the red, white, and blue with plenty of patriotic holidays ahead but I would be lying if I didn’t say that it’s also about being a pyromaniac for a day (hello Fourth of July), eating whatever is put on that star-spangled table cover, and getting the perfect picture to upload to instagram with a quote from your favorite president.

I’m here to help you get ready for whatever patriotic situation you might find yourself in with the top 10 patriotic items from FFL:

Fiercely Patriotic, Unapologetically Sassy Short Sleeve T-Shirt

I mean…what more could you want? It encompasses how we all feel about being patriotic because let’s be real, if you’re reading this article, you’re probably really patriotic and it’s 2018 so we’re all sassy. Don’t fear, it also is available in a long sleeve and tankGet one here.

The Madison Skirt – Fireworks

This is a must have for any patriotic female. It’s lightweight and looks good on any body shape. It can be dressed up or down and is meant to be worn in that Instagram picture under the fireworks we all know you’re trying to get. Get one here

America Wine Glass

If you’re like me, this is a need, not a want. Sipping your favorite wine out of a glass representing your country is arguably the most basic thing you could do, but we encourage such behavior. Get one here

Founding Fathers Tank

Political nerds: unite. This is an FFL favorite and it draws attention from many because not everyone expects us “youths” to rock the names of historical figures on our shirts. Truth be told, we fangirl over these founding fathers more than we do current politicians. Get yours here. It is also available in a short sleeve and long sleeve

America Koozie

Keep your hearts cold, and your drinks colder. Okay..don’t do that but seriously it’s of utmost importance to keep your drinks cold while you lean back and enjoy the summer. Get yours here

Any FFL hat, or the patriotic bow

Okay well I couldn’t pick just one hat because they are all patriotic in their own way. The bow is an American staple on patriotic holidays so that’s a necessity. Get your hat and hair bow here

America Is Too Great For Small Dreams T-Shirt

America is too small for small dreams and my wallet so empty from buying all these items but this one is at the top of my list. It’s cute and it’s a Ronald Reagan quote (we all know how a Republican feels about a Ronald Reagan quote). Get yours here. It also comes in a tank and long sleeve

Make America Classy Again T-Shirt

It’s what everyone is thinking but your shirt is projecting. Make people laugh and give everyone an avenue to bond over a shirt. Silly, but it happens. Soon enough, you’ll be singing “Kumbaya My Lord.” Get yours here. It also comes in a long sleeve and tank too! 

Bow American Flag Tank

Don’t hesitate, just follow the link to add to your cart. It’s the tank you never knew you needed but definitely the tank you deserve. You can thank FFL later. Get yours here

I Like My Politics Red, My Wine White, And My Skies Blue Short Sleeve T-Shirt

This shirt pretty much explains our lives as politically involved women. Buy it, wear it, love it, embrace it. And guess what? It’s also available in a tank and long sleeve

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Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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